Who Plays Liam Greene On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Roberto Aguire May Write Aria A New Love Story

Step aside, Ezria fans — there may be a new couple to ‘ship in Rosewood. According to The Wrap, actor Roberto Aguire will play Liam Greene on Pretty Little Liars , a “handsome editorial assistant from Boston who is a sweet, doting professional.” Since Aria is also working in publishing, I’m thinking we may have an office romance on our hands. Aria’s type is pretty much literary with rakish good looks. I’d say “nice” too, except Ezra wasn’t always that nice. But I digress. Who is Roberto Aguire, the man who will bring Liam Greene to life on our screens?

According to Mirror, Aguire was born in Mexico and grew up in Switzerland, before moving to Los Angeles. He made his acting debut in Struck By Lightning , a film written by former Glee star Chris Colfer. Though the role got Aguire noticed, because he was soon cast in movies like After Darkness and Boulevard, one of Robin Williams' final films. He’s no stranger to television, either, with a part on NCIS: New Orleans under his belt. In the romantic department, according to E!, Aguire has most recently been linked to Emma Watson — the two met on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where Watson played Hermione (duh) and Aguire was a special effects intern. However, both maintain that they’re just friends, even if they do look awfully cute together.

That's what you should know about Aguire, which is more than can be said of his new PLL character. Since the editorial assistant is still pretty mysterious, here are a few likely storylines for Liam in Season 6B.

He Hooks Up With Another Liar

This is PLL, so it might be too obvious to assume that Liam and Aria date just because they work together and are making flirty eyes in some photos. Maybe Hanna does some freestyle flirting while her fiancé is away, or Spencer decides she wants a bookish type. If Aria and Liam get really close, it could actually lead to trouble, rather than a new romance.

Ezra Gets Jealous

Aria’s really good at meeting guys in inappropriate places, so finding Liam at work isn’t too farfetched. But now that Ezra is a published author and Aria and Liam work in the publishing industry, they'll all totally see each other. If Liam and Aria are together, that might that spark some jealousy in Ezra. A few of the clips we’ve seen from Season 6B show Ezra yelling and storming about, so perhaps he just can’t get over the fact that Aria has moved on.

Liam Is “B”

Remember A? Yeah, well, now we have a new villain who fans are calling "B." He is coming to get the Liars, and though we don’t know much about B, we know that it’s a guy and that he’s hell set on vengeance. Perhaps Liam's editorial job is just a cover that lets him get closer to Aria. For more Season 6B theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Liam could be anyone or anything to us at this point, and Pretty Little Liars loves a good plot twist. One thing I do know is that Aguire is a great addition to the menagerie of cute boys that the show has already provided us with — but that doesn't mean we should trust his character.

Forgot what happened in Season 6A? Check out our (drunk) recap video below.

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