Lena Was Doing This Instead Of Going To The Globes

Few of-the-moment celebrities can arguably spark as much divide amongst Millennials as Lena Dunham. Whether we're discussing the politics of GIRLS or that Giambattista Valli ball gown from 2014, Dunham finds herself at the center of controversy time and time again. Unfortunately, Lena Dunham at the 2016 Golden Globes didn't happen, so we won't be seeing the 29-year-old actor wow passerby on the red carpet. But her reason is pretty sweet. Dunham is seemingly just a little preoccupied campaigning for Hillary Clinton's potential presidency. And as we know, she's been going all out.

As most of us know, Dunham isn't everyone's cup of tea. She seems to get trolled on a near-daily basis for her feminist views. Her expression of female sexuality and curiosity have gotten her into major Internet trouble. And GIRLS, well, not everyone loves them some Hannah Horvath. Personally, I've always appreciated Dunham's character (both on-screen and off). She's unafraid of being herself — even when "herself" isn't what the world of social media necessarily wants. And I suppose that's why I love that she didn't hit up the Golden Globes this year. She's kinda got her hands full campaigning for Clinton, after all. And spreading her girl power vibes all the way, including through supporting the amazing women at the Globes from the comfort of her couch.

And she's been looking darn cute doing it. Sure, the Golden Globes are known for being elegant-but-not-quite-Oscars-levels-elegant, and that seems to be a dress code Dunham is instating while promoting Clinton. In all frankness, I was a fan of the pink taffeta look from that Emmys past, but this Hillary-printed dress and bedazzled "Hillary 4 President" blazer? They're just a little more relatable. Here's hoping for a lot more bedazzled feminist magic from Dunham this new year.