Shay Mitchell Reaches A Major Milestone

With the premiere of Season 6B right around the corner and a recent People's Choice Award win, it's an awesome week to be a Pretty Little Liars fans. Just in case that's not enough to celebrate, PLL star Shay Mitchell hit a major milestone over the weekend. Mitchell reached 10 million followers on Instagram, so of course she commemorated the occasion in the best possible way: a giant pizza. The 28-year-old clearly knows how to celebrate. Posing alongside the monstrous pie, she wrote,

How we celebrate 10m in this house thanks to you guys! I so wish I could of shared this yumminess with all 10 million of you buuuuuttttt it's already half way eaten thanks to @bigshot #ittook4guystobringitinthehouse Thanks @grantlegan for capturing this glorious moment! 📸

It's super sweet that she thanked her fans, but let's be real, it'd be way better if she gave all of them pizza. (Now that would be a dream.) Considering it took four people to carry it, you know that pie is gigantic. Sure, it's probably not enough to serve 10 million people, but it does look incredibly delicious. The pizza bagels in my freezer could never compare to that masterpiece! I'm drooling at just the thought.

To celebrate this accomplishment, here are nine of Mitchell's best Instagrams to prove that she truly is a social media queen. But first, the pizza:

The fact that she's wearing a Ninja Turtles t-shirt makes this photo even better. And here's her other memorable moments:

1. Puppy Love

Mitchell is no stranger to adorable animal photos. If I know anything about Instagram, it's that people love puppies. Perhaps that contributes to her Insta success?

2. Buttah Benzo

Honestly, I sometimes feel like a bad PLL fan because I don't understand the fascination with #ButtahBenzo (or how that started in the first place). But it's great that she and Ashley Benson are besties on and off screen.

3. Photobomb

Ugh, don't you just hate it when you take a selfie and a gorilla photobombs your picture? Such a struggle.

4. Giving Back

It's no secret that Mitchell likes to travel. In this video, she's visiting with children from the Masibambisane Center, which helps over 200 orphans. It's awesome that she takes time to give back.

5. Keeping It Real

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot from her Bliss Book tour. Also, that pizza eye mask is everything!

6. The PLL Set

Another highlight of her Instagram? She shares photos from the Pretty Little Liars set.

7. Nail Art

She totally nailed this PLL inspired look.

8. Pie On A Stick

Where does she get these fantastic food creations? Seriously, those mini pies are almost too cute to eat.

9. Celebration

Just like she says in the caption, reaching a double-digit milestone is worthy of double celebrations. Plus, those balloons look so fun.

Congrats to Mitchell! It's only a matter of time before she doubles that number and has to celebrate with an even bigger pizza. (And if there are extra slices next time around, my stomach and I totally volunteer!)