Chrissy Teigen's Tweet Just Won The Golden Globes & She's Not Even There

Thanks mostly to host Ricky Gervais, the 2016 Golden Globes awards have definitely been both awkward and controversial. However, there have also been great moments. That said, there is one particular person who is stealing the night, and she's not even in attendance. Chrissy Teigen's Golden Globes tweet won the night. I know, so not shocking, right? When isn't she killing social media?

The MTV LA Twitter account tweeted the model asking where she was during the awards show, and her response was perfect: "Eating donuts in our new, empty home, making the same face." As you can see in her tweet below, the "face" she is referring to is her facial expression made during the 2015 Golden Globes after her husband John Legend won for Best Original Song for Selma. It instantly became a meme, and it was pretty the greatest thing ever.

Clearly, she is having the best night ever at home — and can still make fun of herself in the process. She truly is a woman after my own heart. I mean, I'd like to be chilling with Teigen and Legend eating doughnuts watching the Golden Globes. That said, the adorable couple unfortunately doesn't even have a TV to enjoy the Globes with their doughnuts in their new home. "We also currently have no television. I'm just staring forward," Teigen added on Twitter.

What? She can't even live tweet the Golden Globes? That's just preposterous. Well, at least she has her talented husband to serenade her, if need be, and those yummy fried baked goods. This is a Sunday night done right.