Ryan & Brad Make The Globes Ballroom Go Wild

What happens when two talented, successful, and really attractive actors take the stage at an awards show? The crowd goes wild, of course! And that's exactly what happened during the 2016 Golden Globes. When they took the stage to announce their film The Big Short, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt drove the Golden Globes ballroom crazy. I mean, seriously — the duo barely made it to the microphone before the cheers and screams started (there was even a loud "wow!" from the audience), and they didn't subside for a long time.

It's somewhat rare to hear so much commotion at the tables while presenters are on stage, but that's definitely not the case this year; the crowd has been much wilder than usual, all night long. And who can blame them for cheering at Gosling and Pitt? It's bound to happen, because hey, girl, these two have quite the fan bases, especially since starring side by side in The Big Short.

Plus, if you could hear what the actors were saying between the ballroom chatter, well, it made their moment that much better. During their bit, Gosling was annoyed that he wasn't presenting alone and had to stand next to Brad freaking Pitt. Ugh. His life really blows. He became even more irritated when he found out they weren't even presenting an award, but announcing a clip for their Golden Globe-nominated film The Big Short. Yeah, not even the Hollywood Foreign Press Association could impress Gosling.

Obviously, though, it was all a joke, and they pulled it off just fine. With chemistry like that, the two are destined to do many more films together, or at least be paired together in awards shows to come. Let's thank them for making the crowd so happy and helping everyone forget all the uncomfortableness that has been happening thanks to host Ricky Gervais. Can these guys come to the Globes every year?