Who Wins 'The Bachelor' 2016 Based Off The Promos? There's A Lot Of Love This Season

We may only be one episode into Season 20 of The Bachelor, but viewers already can't help but to start wildly speculating over who the leading man will choose at season's end. And, it seems he'll have his pick of women. Bachelor Ben Higgins just seems to have that effect on people. Just look at contestant Lace, she couldn't even wait to say, "hello" before she planted a kiss on him. The man must have some seriously magical powers to command that kind of uncontrollable act of affection. And, the season promos are seeming to confirm what fans all suspected: The ladies are going to fall hard and fast for this guy. So, who will win The Bachelor 2016 based on the sneak peeks alone?

Well, it certainly isn't an easy prediction to make upon first glance. There seems to be a lot of women who fall in love with Ben, and he seems to be truly smitten with a few himself. The difficulty here seems to come from the fact that there are so many unique personalities among the contestants this season and Ben himself is such a different bachelor. He's younger, sweeter, and has stated that he is very nervous to take on this role. But, he's also discussed on the show that he can't wait to find a wife, so we know he's likely going to choose someone. But who? Let's take a look at the extended promo and see what can be gathered from there.

Well right away, disembodied voices (belonging to contestants, not ghosts or something) are heard to be saying things like, "Ben is just like the best freakin' catch in the entire world" and "Everyone can agree, Ben is the greatest Bachelor on the planet." But, I'm not a professional voice analyst so that doesn't tell me much.

A promising exchange between Ben and a mystery blonde wearing white makes me think he really digs her. That same contestant seems to also be the one he is kissing in a hot air balloon later in the promo. They choose to shoot her from the back which only makes me more convinced that she may be one of the ladies who go the distance and possibly snag a proposal. If she is indeed the girl from the hot air balloon smooch, I think I may know who she is.

Becca Tilley

Becca may be a familiar face if you watched Chris Soules' season. She's super gorgeous and has the hair that I am almost positive I see Ben giving heart eyes to in the promo. Seems like a legitimate contender.

Next come the swarm of women who confess their love to Ben throughout the trailer. These ladies must have felt pretty comfortable to be able to admit something so intense. Possible proposal material? Let's look at these ladies.

Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher

Joelle made the first impression wearing a unicorn head, and she is the first of the ladies in the promo to tell Ben that she loves him. How far in does this admission come? Time will tell.

Olivia Caridi

Olivia seemed to spark Ben's interest from the get-go. It just seemed like they immediately clicked upon first meeting and she managed to snag the first impression rose. She also happens to be the second woman who confesses her love for him in the promo. Hmmm.

Caila Quinn

Caila is adorable and made a pretty lasting first impression by immediately jumping into Ben's arms. She also happens to be the third woman in the promo to tell Ben she loves him. She also hails from Boston, so I personally have to root for her.

If I had to take a guess based on the promo for this season and the first episode, I would have to choose between Becca and Olivia and when pressed, I have to go with Olivia winning the whole thing. They just seem like they click more than anyone else and she obviously sticks around for awhile because she is featured pretty heavily in the promo. Will I be right? Stay tuned to find out.

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Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC; Rick Rowell/ABC