How John Krasinski Got In Shape For '13 Hours'

I think I speak for all Office fans when I say that the first time I saw the trailer for John Krasinski's new film 13 Hours I thought two things: 1) Jim has gotten buff since leaving Dunder Mifflin, and 2) WTF is John Krasinski doing in this movie? Putting aside the puzzling nature of John Krasinski's move from charming comedian to Michael Bay action star, the actor's newly toned physique for 13 Hours certainly deserves some attention. In 13 Hours , Krasinski stars as former Navy SEAL Jack, who is part of a security team full of ex-military hired to protect U.S. interests in Libya. The movie, based on a true story, follows the team as they attempt to save lives during the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi — the film's full title is 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Based on the trailers and his recent cover of Mean's Health, Krasinski succeeded in transforming his body from adorkable office worker to Navy SEAL for the role. But how did John Krasinski get in shape for 13 Hours ?

Krasinski might just owe his insane movie body to his wife, Emily Blunt. Krasinski actually used the same personal trainer Blunt previously worked with to get into killer shape for Edge of Tomorrow, according to the actor's recent comments on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jason Walsh, a known trainer to the stars and frequent guru for actors looking to get into top shape for a role, worked with Krasinski for four months, doing two-a-day workouts at least five times a week.

Krasinski described his intense workouts on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying, "I was like 'Let's do it! Let's get the bench press going!' He was like, 'No, you're gonna drag that sled from there to there.' And I was like, 'How hard is that? ...I'm having a heart attack.'" Krasinski added that by the time the workouts were over and the movie began shooting, Krasinski was down to nine percent body fat.

The proof of Krasinski's hard work is in the picture, and while fans all over the world are busy drooling over Krasinski's new body, one lady in Krasinski's life is actually missing his old, non-Navy SEAL self. "She hates it," Krasinski recently told Stephen Colbert of how his wife has reacted to his change. "She would way prefer to have the doughy guy back." Jokes aside, Krasinski told Men's Health that there were a lot of perks to his newly boosted strength, including being able to pick up his 22-month-old daughter Hazel with ease. "I think there's a part of you where you become addicted to it. I love feeling strong. You pick up your daughter with ease while everyone makes a little grunt when they pick up their kids. I walk with better posture and a little more presence. I was more of a sit-in-the-corner guy. Now I'm a lot less of that," Krasinski said.

Krasinski seems to be enjoying his ripped new body as much as fans are. 13 Hours opens in theaters on Friday, Jan. 15, and, if the trailers are anything to go by, you'll be able to see Krasinski's abs up close on the big screen. But, don't forget, John, we love you in any shape you're in.

Images: Paramount Pictures; dailykrasinski/tumblr (2)