'Creed' Is Getting A Sequel!

I'll level with you, I never got the whole beating-eachother-for-sport thing, but I have a soft spot for the original Rocky movie. I lived two (horrible but memorable) years in Philly, and whenever I had to go to go to the Philadelphia Art Museum for a project there was no shortage of tourists running up and down the stairs. Variety is reporting that the latest Rocky franchise spin-off Creed is getting a sequel, and there's already all sorts of Twittering about it. Some of it is in vein of, "There was another Rocky movie?" while others question where the series could possibly go from here.

This news comes hot off the tail of Sylvester Stallone's Best Supporting Actor Golden Globe win for his return as Rocky Balboa, and um, resulting drama with that. As it would turn out, Stallone forgot to give thanks to co-star Michael B. Jordan and director Ryan Coogler... at least on camera. During the commercial break Stallone was said to have corrected his mistake by saying Jordan and Tessa Thompson did all the work and Coogler was a "brilliant, brilliant filmmaker." Fair.

Incidentally, there was also disappointment that Jordan didn't receive any Golden Globe or Oscar nominations for his emotive journey in the film. The franchise has taken the spotlight off the Philadelphia boxer and placed it on Adonis Creed (played by Jordan), the son of rival-turned-friend Apollo Creed. Creed examines Adonis' trying to connect with his absentee father (Apollo having died mid-match way back in Rocky IV) by pursuing his dream of becoming a professional boxer. Naturally, he turns Rocky to train him. Short summary: yes, it's a Rocky film, but it's Adonis' (and Jordan's) movie. Maybe a follow-up performance will be enough to grab attention the second time around?

The final bizarro update to this next installment? Hearsay is there's talk of bringing Apollo back for the sequel, a bit of a risky move considering he's supposed to be dead and all. However the idea would be to bring him back mainly in the form of flashbacks. "Think of The Godfather 2." Stallone said. That's what he was thinking of, which was kind of ambitious."

Who knows what'll go down. All that's certain is that in the meantime, excitement is top-of-the-art-museum-steps high, and people are definitely throwing their hat in the ring.

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I mean, Ava DuVernay thanked Jordan on behalf of Stallone.

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I guess time will only tell if this ambitious idea will end up a knock out!

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