7 Valentine's Day Memes For Single People

You know what's super annoying when you're single and Valentine's Day is coming up? Everything. Just kidding — I'm actually a big proponent of celebrating Galentine's Day with your best friends or celebrating yourself on Valentine's Day or even just completely ignoring the "holiday" altogether if you're single. Even if you're in a relationship, the Valentine's Day can also be anxiety-producing — though there are plenty of people who love Valentine's Day. At its best, Valentine's Day is really a chance to celebrate love, in all of its incarnations.

The Internet has definitely capitalized on Valentine's Day's over-the-top ridiculousness, and there are hundreds of amazing memes and GIFs out there that people have created to "celebrate" Valentine's day in all its red and pink glory. In reality, if you're flying solo, it's just fun to scroll through a bunch of ridiculous V-Day memes, regardless of your stance on the day's sentiment. I never hated on Valentine's Day when I was single, but single or not, these memes and GIFs are pretty funny. Here are some Valentine's Day memes for single people, to remind you that it's totally OK to roll your eyes every time the holiday comes up in conversation.

1. You Can Go This Route

2. Or Try Handing Out Valentines To Friends And Family

3. And Celebrate Love, As This Adorable Little Creature Reminds Us

4. Whatever You Do, Don't Forget To Treat Yourself

5. Or In The Immortal Words Of Donna From Parks & Rec, Treat Yo'self.

6. Happy Galentine's Day!

7. And Don't Forget How Fabulous You Are

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Images: MemeBase (6); We Know Memes