Where To Buy Essie 'Starry Starry Night'

Everybody who hordes nail polish knows that Essie has re-released their greatest hits in their new Retro Revival Collection, including cult fave Starry Starry Night. If you've seen the polish, you want it, so let's talk about where you can buy Starry Starry Night, because while the other shades in Retro Revival's collection are fantastic, a midnight blue glitter nail polish named after a work of art is something we can't resist getting our claws into.

Up until Essie re-released the shimmery blue shade, it was nearly impossible to find Starry Starry Night, which has achieved cult status among polish fanatics. People reports that a bottle sold on eBay for $250 — almost 30 times the retail price — in January 2014. Entrepreneurial jewelry sellers have even been painting their wares with the product, which presumably renders the wearer's nails unbreakable or something. Since Essie could pull the product with the rest of the Retro Revival Collection, now is the time to buy. Heck, buy four bottles — as an investment, of course.

While one would think that Starry Starry Night would have sold out by now, it's actually super easy to find — so long as the Retro Revival Collection remains in stores. Some major retailers carrying the product include Macy's and, of course, Ulta (because we really needed another reason to shop there). You can also pick it up online at or on Essie's website.

Though Starry Starry Night is gorgeous on its own, it's also the perfect base for nail art. Here are some tutorials I'm going to try out (key word: try) when my own bottle of sparkly blue unicorn polish arrives:

1. Moon & Stars

Starry Starry Night is made for this manicure.

2. Snowflake Nails

This is your chance to see SSN in action, because this tutorial features it. Bonus points: this manicure looks great on short nails, too.

3. Polar Nails

Although this tutorial uses essie's Aruba Blue as a base, SSN would be a great substitute. It's a similar color, but sparklier, which would compliment this manicure's theme perfectly.

4. Blue & White Pottery Nails

Stamping is for the bravest of DIY manicurists. If using SSN, I'd recommend tring out a less intricate stamp to make sure the size of the glitter pieces in the polish don't disrupt the design.

5. Gold & Blue

The best thing about this manicure? It doesn't require tools... though it does require preternaturally steady hands.

6. French Manicure

This is a great twist on the classic French manicure. SSN's midnight blue shade would really make the white flowers pop.

7. Midnight Blue Water Marble

Although it looks tricky, water marble is a technique anybody can master with some practice.

Images: essie Canada/YouTube