Kanye Wants The Kardashians On 'Swish'

Ever since the news that Kanye West's new album Swish will be out on Feb. 11, we're gradually finding out more and more information about it. On Friday, West released clips of two new tracks, "Real Friends" and "No More Parties In LA", which, alongside song "Facts," gave us a pretty good idea of what Swish will sound like. But now, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Khloé Kardashian has revealed that the Kardashian sisters have been in the studio with Kanye West. Which makes me wonder, will we be getting a repeat of Kim Kardashian's single "Jam (Turn It Up)" any time soon?

None of the Kardashian singers are particularly renowned for their musical abilities, though it's long been rumored that Kylie Jenner might be starting a pop career. While nothing has materialized from these rumors yet, do Khloé Kardashian's comments signal a musical future for the Kardashians? Kanye West's new material references his wife and home life, but does it also feature the voices of the Kardashian sisters themselves? Can auto-tune really make anyone sound like Mariah Carey? So many questions and more following Khloé Kardashian's Cosmopolitan interview, including whether Kim Kardashian might finally record a follow-up to her first single.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Khloé Kardashian said, "He has so many songs that we — I act like I'm recording them — that he can't figure out what he wants to put on his album. And they're all genuinely terrific songs." Based on the sneak peeks we've had so far, it definitely looks as though Swish is set to be an epic album. But how much input are the Kardashians having on West's new album exactly? Khloé Kardashian continues, "He really cares about our opinions, which I find even cooler. Because we're not artists, obviously, but he respects what we say so much." Which makes it sound as though the Kardashians are his focus group rather than his backup singers. Which makes me a bit disappointed, if I'm honest.

However, I don't believe all hope is dead, and that we'll never hear the Kardashians on Kanye West's music. West is famous for sampling songs and sounds, so there's every chance that Kim Kardashian, or even daughter North West could appear on a track on Swish. Under West's strict control, any vocals the Kardashian sisters delivered would definitely be tight (I can't see any flat note fiascos happening under his watch).

Involved or not, it's nice to hear Khloé Kardashian talk about Kanye West's new album, and to know that the family is so close. Kardashian also told Cosmopolitan, "He is so passionate. He's like, every bit the meaning of an artist. He's so into his craft, and just to see him at work and see how much he respects our opinions, all of us sisters, he wants us all in the studio at different times. Thank god we all live a block away from each other." Hearing that ALL OF THE SISTERS have been requested in the studio by West at some point during Swish makes me super hopeful that there will be a Kardashian voice somewhere on the record. Khloé Kardashian's interview also makes me wish I lived just down the road from all of the Ks, too, and could pop round for a cup of tea.

It won't be long until we all get to hear the final version of Swish , and any hint like this of a Kardashian collaboration is enough of a reason for me to pre-order 50 copies now.