The 9 Most Outdated Looks From 'Full House'

We've all been anticipating the premiere of Fuller House for a while, but we're so close now (and we actually have a teaser trailer and stills!), that it's totally appropriate to go hardcore with your excitement, and flash back to everything you loved about the show. But even though we're all glad the original cast is coming back, in the original house, and the original city — when it comes to style, there are some Full House looks that are outdated. Seriously, it needed to be said. So let's revisit some of them and have a few giggles, while being simultaneously thankful that the revival will at least feature updated fashions.

Full House is arguably one of the greatest shows (right up there with Friends), but as much as it was universally loved, it definitely isn't ranked up there for groundbreaking fashion. I mean, maybe if you were six and thought Michelle Tanner's scrunchies were, like, total hair goals. Or maybe even a pre-teen vibing off the way older and therefore cooler DJ (she had a boyfriend and everything!), but all around, when you think of amazing TV fashion, Full House doesn't necessarily spring to mind. But who knows — maybe the revival will change all of that.

Before it premieres, let's take a look at the nine most outdated style moments from Full House. And continue to deny the fact that, once upon a time, we may have wanted to actually copy them.

1. Kimmy's Tights With Socks

DJ is on point with the overalls, and I'm digging Steph's boyfriend-esque button-down, but holy redness, Kimmy! Let us just be glad that tights + socks is no longer socially acceptable.

2. DJ's Baggy Pants

There's so much wrong with this outfit, and the fact that they're matching is the least of my concerns.

3. DJ's Shoulder Pads

If these ever come back in style, I'm out.

4. Stephanie's Patterned Vest

Or as Regina George would say, "because that vest was disgusting!"

5. Kimmy's Fur Sweater

The neon leopard is offensive enough, but add off-the-shoulder and faux fur? It's so tacky, it's terrific.

6. Michelle's Billowing Sleeves

Unless it's a boho blouse, this look is never OK.

7. DJ's Skirt + Shorts

Doesn't a skirt over shorts kind of defeat the purpose of "skorts"?

8. Uncle Jesse's Backwards Cap

Unfortunately, this look still happens far more often than it should.

9. Stephanie's Layers

Wearing a short sleeve garment on top of a long sleeved tee was seriously cool back then, but now it's probably better to put the long sleeves over instead.

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Images: Full House/ABC