'BiP's Jade & Tanner Set Their Wedding Date!

Big news: A few months after their proposal episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired in September 2015, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert have announced that they have set the date, and their wedding is happening way sooner than anyone ever expected. US Weekly reports that Jade and Tanner's wedding date will take place on Valentine’s Day of this year.

Yeah, as in like one month from now. Talk about trusting your instincts and running with them! Of course, for anyone who watched Bachelor in Paradise, this is no surprise: The couple met on the most recent season of the series and were practically inseparable from the first episode. As other relationships around them faced the test of competition and crumbled, Jade and Tanner stayed strong and mostly stayed out of the fray.

It’s true that Jade and Tanner have not been engaged for long — it’s been three months since the couple announced their engagement to the world. Of course, the actual proposal likely took place two to three months before it aired on national television, but still; we’re talking months here, not years. These two haven’t even been dating for a year, and already they’re walking down the aisle together. But I guess what they say is true: When you know, you know. It’s definitely one of the quickest trips to the altar in Bachelor history. (Most, as we know, fizzle out after a few months in the dank light of reality.)

Setting the date isn’t the only big move the couple has made in the past few weeks months. In a recent Instagram post, Jade announced that she and Tanner had put down on a deposit on their first piece of property together. The two plan on building their future home together on the multiple-acre plot near Kansas City.

It’s clear that these two are certain about each other and ready to take all the steps toward commitment. And I say good for them! That’s got to be better than overthinking every relationship you’re in until it’s a shriveled, overanalyzed, emotionless thing curled in the corner and dying a slow death. (Not that I speak from experience or anything.)

So congratulations to the happy couple! You can tune in to watch Jade and Tanner exchange “I do’s” live on ABC on Valentine’s Day.