Twitter Loves Champagne Pop & Jaclyn HIll

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Jaclyn Hill has been a major staple on YouTube for quite some time now, and it appears her popularity isn't slated to slow down any time soon. In fact, Twitter reactions to Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop becoming a permanent shade for Becca Cosmetics prove that she's got staying power that can barely be rivaled by other YouTubers. Popularity or not though, Hill's product speaks for itself, and it's practically screaming, "I'm awesome."

If you haven't heard of Jaclyn Hill, she's a viral sensation who started a veritable empire by posting incredibly gorgeous makeup tutorials on YouTube. Fast forward a few years, and she's got over 2.6 millions followers, an upcoming makeup line, and one killer collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. The aforementioned collab is Hill's gorgeous Champagne Pop, a member of Becca's already well known shimmering skin perfectors. Hill's shade released last year to a roar of applause. The stunning shimmer is known for being flattering on every person who wears it, and while her popularity may have contributed to its selling out in only a day, the fact that it's a near perfect product has had people coming back to Sephora over and over again to purchase it.

Now, Champagne Pop has become a permanent fixture in the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector line up, and Twitter is ablaze with the news. Needless to say, the reactions are amazing.

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People Are Definitely Praising Higher Powers

Others Are Celebrating With Literal Champagne

If you're one of many Champagne Pop lovers in the world, rejoice! Know you're not alone.

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