7 Questions The 'Friends' Cast Needs To Answer During Their Upcoming Reunion

Never has a sitcom created such enduring love and nostalgia as Friends. In every country of the world, at any time of day, you'll likely find a rerun on (and if I catch it, you'd better believe I'm watching it). Despite the fact that many of its seasons took place in the '90s and it's now 2016, the jokes haven't aged, and the series remains as warm and funny as ever. It's hard to say what it is about Friends that makes it so universally likable — Is it the fantastic writing? The amazing chemistry between the actors? The ridiculous and yet relatable storylines? Who can say? — but I love this show and I'm sure I always will. That's why I was so pumped to hear that the Friends cast will reunite for a two-hour TV special airing next month.

To be fair, the special isn't all about Friends so much as it's a celebration of comedy director Jim Burrows, who's worked on pretty much every sitcom you can think of, from Cheers and Taxi to Friends and Will & Grace, and recently just shot his 1,000th episode of TV. It's an impressive accomplishment, but obviously what we're all amped up on is the idea of having all six original Friends cast members — that's Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, obviously — back in the same place again. And when it goes down, there are a few questions I hope we'll have answered.

Does Gunther Still Work At Central Perk?

Something tells me that as long as that place was open for business, Gunther would be working at Central Perk. They'd literally have to drag him out of there by force if they wanted to get rid of him. Does the gang ever go there anymore, and is Gunther still their barista? I need to know.

Does Mrs. Gellar Make That Amazing Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich?

We all remember just how animated Ross got over his leftover turkey sandwich being eaten by his colleague — so much so that he had to be put on leave from work over it. Does Mrs. Gellar still make that amazing sandwich, and does Ross have horrible flashbacks when he eats it, if so?

Have Ross & Rachel Had Any More Kids?

Emma certainly wasn't planned, but Rachel took to being a mother really well and was a great one. Many years have passed since we've seen them, and since Ross and Rachel seemed to be resuming their relationship as one another's lobsters, I wonder if they've expanded their family any more.

What's Emma Like Now? What About Monica & Chandler's Twins?

Emma must be, what, 14 now? That's crazy! Monica and Chandler's twins are probably just a few years younger (I'm bad at math — sue me!). I wonder what they're like, and if they're all best friends. Seriously, someone do a proper reunion and cast these kids!

Is Joey Still Acting?

I avoided Joey's spinoff like the plague, so forgive me if this was covered in that series. Assuming Joey never existed, is our Joey still acting, or has he found another passion? Did he book another soap? Is he a bigtime movie star now? Inquiring minds want to know!

Has Phoebe Had Any More Awkward Run-Ins With Ursula?

The interaction between the two characters — or, you know, between Lisa Kudrow and herself — was one of the best and most memorable parts of Friends. Have the sisters had any more strange encounters? Is Ursula still a hot mess? (Something tells me the answer to both of those questions is "yes", but I need that confirmed.)

Do The Actors Miss The Good Old Days?

I know all of the stars have Friends have moved on in their lives and careers from Friends, but they must miss it, right? What existed between those six actors and the TV magic they made will go down in history, so they have to feel nostalgic for it themselves sometimes too, right? RIGHT?!

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