Liz Taylor Was Murdered on 'AHS: Hotel,' But It Was A Surprisingly Sweet Moment

Liz Taylor has made her way into all of the fans' hearts this season on American Horror Story: Hotel. So many times it looked like she would meet her end, much to our dismay. Luckily our unlikely heroine somehow always pulled through and by the finale tonight, she was the main character and narrated us through the Hotel Cortez's transition into a functional hotel with only occasional deaths. Though sadly, all good things must come to an end. On the AHS: Hotel finale Liz Taylor was murdered.

That's not where Liz's story ends, though. Her murder was a good, cathartic experience all around. After finding out that she was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer, Liz wanted the entire ghostly/vampy staff of the hotel to off her in a sort of bonding ritual so she could remain in the Cortez forever. Just as they all tearfully brandished weapons to oblige her final wishes, viewers got the first appearance of the night by The Countess. All at once, the moment was touching and terrifying as The Countess declared Liz her favorite creation and with one slice of her razor nailed glove, Liz was gone.

The silver lining became apparent when Liz's long lost love, Tristan returned to finally be with her again. Who didn't miss Tristan? Those two together were everything. It's super poetic for them to be able to spend eternity together. So, yes, a fan-favorite character died, but she died on her own terms and fans kind of didn't even mind.

Well played Ryan Murphy. Well played.

Images: Prashant Gupta/FX