What Is Alan Rickman's Final Film? The Actor Was Quite Busy Before His Tragic Death

Thursday is a truly sad all over the world as it was announced that Alan Rickman has died of cancer at the age of 69. Rickman was an epic British actor whose roles varied from action movies to romantic comedies to much-loved family movies. But what was Alan Rickman working on before he died? Are there any movies featuring Rickman due for release in 2016 and beyond?

2015 was an important year for Alan Rickman's career, because it included the release of A Little Chaos , a movie starring Kate Winslet which Rickman directed and co-starred in. A Little Chaos was the second movie he directed, the first being The Winter Guest in 1997. The Die Hard actor was clearly fond of directing; when asked why he hadn't directed more movies in an interview with The Film Pie in 2015, Rickman said, "I’ve always wanted to... Once I had finished with Harry Potter, then I could then kick start A Little Chaos ." As an incredibly popular actor, Rickman's time was always split between his passions.

But there were more projects following A Little Chaos, projects that Rickman had been working on that had yet to see release for the public. In fact, there was more than one, which means that Rickman's legacy will still be carrying on in the immediate future.


According to IMDb, Alan Rickman has two movies due out in 2016. He completed work on both projects before his death, and the films have imminent release dates. The first movie featuring Rickman to come out in 2016 will be Eye In The Sky . Scheduled for release on March 11, and co-starring Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul, Rickman plays a character called Lieutenant General Frank Benson. The Love Actually star described the movie to The Film Pie,, "It’s a contemporary film where I’m the head of the British Army and I’ve got my finger on the button to use a drone against terrorists. It’s about the huge dilemma that governments face about whether to push that button or not." With a stellar cast and a gripping plot, Eye Is The Sky sounds like a must-watch for Alan Rickman fans.

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Following that, the Alice In Wonderland sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass , is due out on May 27, and promises to be visually stunning. Rickman voices the character of the Blue Caterpillar in the long-awaited sequel, which co-stars Johnny Depp and a whole host of incredible actors. It's lovely that Rickman's final release is such a high-profile movie that a lot of people are guaranteed to see.

Even though Alan Rickman only has two more movies due for release, it's good to know that his previous roles will not be forgotten in a hurry. Fans continue to speculate over the fate of Rickman's character Harry in Love Actually , and Die Hard is now considered a Christmas classic. Alan Rickman's numerous film roles prove that his longevity as an actor was for a reason; he made every character unique and unforgettable. Rickman will be missed, but he will live on in the movies he made his own.