This Is How Often OkCupid Users Have Solo Sex

One of my favorite things in OkCupid's new survey on sex and dating is how often people masturbate. Because, according to OkCupid's The Hangover report, we came a long way in 2015 in terms of being open about masturbation. I mean, pretty much everyone does it, and most of us do it a lot. But it's especially important for women, who for so long have felt pressured to pretend like they don't do it, because for some ridiculous reason it's viewed as a male habit. While my male friends talk openly about the fact that they do it, a lot of people act like I'm a freak when I'm frank about masturbation.

But this year we finally acknowledged that women love porn, including the rough stuff (even more than men do in fact), and that they love their toys and their vibrators. Basically, they love to masturbate. I love to masturbate. Let's all masturbate all the time. And not feel embarrassed about it— at all, ever.

And even though I'm definitely on the more frequent end, no matter how often you masturbate, it's all cool. People fall all over the spectrum, from multiple times a day to never at all. You do you. (Quite literally.)

This is how often people on OkCupid masturbate, so you can see no matter what you do, you're not alone:

1. Frequently, But Not Every Day (51.3%)

This was by far the most popular choice. Like, it got more than double than other responses. In fact 51.3 percent of users said they go for it a few times a week. I'm a big advocate of "an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away" but I guess if you have "work" and "friends" and "a life" I understand things might sometime get the way.

2. All Day, Every Day (23.6 %)

OK, maybe not all day. But the next most popular response was the 23.6 percent of people who masturbate once a day or more (holla!). Which is amazing, because people sometimes look at me cross-eyed when I say I masturbate every day. But it looks like nearly 1 in 4 people are with me. I may print this out and put it on my roommate's door to prove I'm not a freak.

3. Once In A While (16.9%)

16.9 percent of people only masturbate a few times a month. This fits a lot of my friends, who say that they go through different phases. Sometimes they'll have a week where they want to masturbate a lot, but then they'll lose interest for a long while. Or maybe you're just a once a week kind of person.

4. Hardly Ever (8.2%)

And the smallest group, 8.2 percent, masturbate only a few times a year or less (so I imagine anyone who doesn't masturbate at all falls into this category). Even though it's the smallest group, it's still nearly 1 in 10 people, so if you're someone who never really gets the urge to masturbate you are certainly not alone.

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