These 15 Sports Bras Will Keep Your Ladies Warm

For all the ladies out there that are starting to have to deal with below freezing temperatures daily but still don’t want to workout indoors, I understand the struggle. I’ve scouted out all the warmest sports bras for running in winter so your tatas can stay toasty! While you’ll obviously need to layer up all over, keeping your chest warm is extra crucial.

The phrase “it’s cold outside” took on a whole new meaning for me last year when I tried to go for runs in Central Park after moving to Manhattan. I distinctly remember one night when it was eleven degrees outside — that’s when I knew I was going to have to completely overhaul my California-girl-turned-New-Yorker wardrobe (which depended mostly on the strategic layering of hoodies to stay warm). I used to scoff at the runners wearing balaclavas and ridiculously thick leggings, but suddenly I was ready to become one of them.

For me, one of the biggest challenges while running in the cold is keeping my chest nice and warm so I’m not gasping for breath. Investing in thicker, more insulating sports bras has been a major game-changer, and they’re bound to help you and your boobs stay nice and warm no matter what weather you’re facing.

Below are some of my top picks.

1. Balance Sport Bra

Balance Sport Bra, $60, Ibex

A mix of Merino wool and moisture-managing synthetics, you'll stay warm without trapping sweat in this ultra-soft sports bra.

2. Sprite Racerback Bra

Sprite Racerback Bra, $55, IceBreaker

Another Merino wool-infused bra, this one comes in a slew of bright and fun colors.

3. Pro Classic Sports Bra

Pro Classic Sports Bra, $30, Nike

This classic fit sports bra from Nike features quick-drying fabric so your sweat doesn't make you chilly while you run!

4. 'Energise' Sports Bra

'Energise' Sports Bra (Plus-Size), $66, Elomi

This bra includes moisture-wicking microfibers with compression cups so that you stay warm and dry.

5. Double Dry High Impact Sports Bra

Double Dry High Impact Sports Bra, $36, Champion

With molded cups, thick mesh inset, and wicking fabric, Champion's bra can't be beat for pounding out sprints when it's freezing.

6. The Warm Up

The Warm Up Plus-Size, $20.99, Jessica Simpson

Though first and foremost a singer, Jessica Simpson's line of plus size workout wear is on point. This fully lined bra is sleek and sturdy and will keep you warm with its quick-drying mesh back.

7. Rush Bra

Rush Bra, $41.99, Ice Breakers

Another Merino wool bra, this one also features lots of lycra for those post-run stretch sessions!

8. Va Va Sports Bra

Va Va Sports Bra, $41, Athleta

A classic racerback, you can't beat the breathable wicking action this one offers in any temps.

9. Seamless Strappy Bra

Seamless Strappy Bra, $40, SmartWool PhD

The most budget-friendly of the Merino wool bunch, this one comes in at under $40!

10. Mid Printed Sports Bra

Mid Printed Sports Bra, $30, Under Armour

Featuring double-layer HeatGear fabric, this is one of toastiest bras out there.

11. Fiona Sports Bra

Fiona Sports Bra, $19, Moving Comfort

Moving Comfort brand creates consistently cozy, stable, and super wicking bras. The Fiona style is my personal favorite thanks to its adjustable support straps.

12. Mesh Vented Compression

Mesh Vented Compression Sports Bra, $32, Champion

With "Silky Double Dry" fabric, this supportive mesh-lined bra makes sweat and shivers disappear.

13. Stow-N-Go II Bra

Stow-N-Go II Bra, $29, The North Face

This bra not only keeps your boobies warm, but also your fingers! Thanks to the built-in pockets, you don't have to hold onto your keys or phone.

14. Active Lifestyle Full Figure

Active Lifestyle Full Figure, $35, Kohl's

Featuring adjustable straps, lots of warm cushioning, and moisture-wicking cups, you'll stay warm and supported.

15. Agave Sports Bra

Agave Sports Bra, $24, Threads For Thought

Beyond being made out of extra cozy stretch Jersey and wicking mesh, this bra is extra cool because it also includes recycled polyester from water bottles. So nifty.

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Images: Courtesy Of Brands