Remembering When Alan Rickman Won The 'Harry Potter' World Cup Will Bring A Smile To Fans' Faces — VIDEO

With news that Alan Rickman had died on Thursday came tributes, celebrations, and look-backs at his best-loved roles and most poignant moments. MTV News shared its own tribute to the Love Actually actor, in the form of a video clip of when Alan Rickman was awarded Harry Potter World Cup! As the MTV interviewer tells Rickman, out of 7.5 million votes, his character Snape was voted the best character in the Harry Potter series. Rickman was understandably delighted, especially since he was presented with a giant trophy. The interview that followed was too sweet.

Rickman's death came as a shock to many, and, with tributes being shared by his friends such as Emma Thompson and Daniel Radcliffe, it feels like the perfect moment to reflect on Rickman's varied career. As the MTV News interview proves, the Die Hard actor had a wicked sense of humor, and his dry British accent made everything sound interesting and/or hilarious. Alan Rickman's death is truly a great loss, because, alongside being a world-famous actor, he was a wonderful human being. You can see that most clearly in the beautiful eulogies written about him, and the many interviews which survive him.

Let's take a look back at his winning the Harry Potter World Cup, which, alongside his other awards, surely took pride of place.

1. Rickman Was Told He Had Won The Potter World Cup

Unsure what the interviewer was going to say, Rickman burst out laughing when it was announced that his character, Snape, was voted the most popular by more than 7.5 million people, according to MTV News. Rickman's initial response? "You're joking!" he said.

2. He Couldn't Believe The Size Of The Trophy

Alan Rickman was handed a gigantic trophy, and was clearly over the moon about it. In typical sarcastic British humor, he asked, "Have I got to get this on the plane tomorrow?" Rickman tried to keep a straight face, but struggled.

3. Rickman Asked If It Was Made Of Chocolate

Admiring the trophy, Rickman said, "Is it chocolate? I hope." He then thanked the interviewer, clearly overwhelmed by the honor.

4. The Actor Said Voting For Snape Was "A Vote For Ambiguity"

When asked what the competition meant to him, Rickman said, "It's a vote for ambiguity, when you don't know quite how things are going to turn out," in reference to the fact that his character, Snape, is renowned for being a complicated villain with a lot of secrets.

5. Rickman Said He Wouldn't Miss Playing Snape

Although the Love Actually star said he wouldn't miss the experience, this was only because he called Snape "such an extraordinarily complete character to play," in which he got to tell the story he wanted to tell.

6. He Took Twitter Questions

The Harry Potter legend answered questions from fans on Twitter. He was completely gracious and generous, just as you'd expect.

7. Rickman Did An American Accent

When MTV News told Alan Rickman that they'd post him his trophy, he said, "I appreciate it! That's American!" It was totally cute, and just his sense of humor. Watch the full video below.

Anna Kuren on YouTube

It's no surprise that Snape became such a popular character in the Harry Potter world, and Alan Rickman's interview with MTV is just one of the many moments in his career that will be re-watched and enjoyed for years to come.

Images: MTV News; Anna Kuren/YouTube (7)