Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding Plans Should Make Europeans Pretty Nervous


Kanye West and his reality star fiancé are known to be a little... much, and now, we've really gotten a shimmering glimpse into their mindset. On Thursday, Kim Kardashian was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and told West's BFF Kimmel that their recent trip to Paris was nothing more than a simple jaunt to get away from the Kardashians. Oh yeah, and it just happened to coincide with Paris Fashion Week, too.

Newsflash, Kanye. Even if you move to Mongolia, the Kardashians will inexplicably show up too, so you might as well not fight it.

Technically, isn't Jenner's mansion your second home, since your first mansion is being renovated? Paris is also a really quick trip from LA, so that makes sense. However, Kim dispelled the rumor that she'd be getting married at Versailles. "We took a tour because we’ve never been there before. We were just having a private tour," she says. No matter where they wed in Paris, Kanye is going to surprisingly be a control freak about it.

When she means "music," is she talking about a DJ, or does she really mean a mini Yeezus concert followed by fireworks and a 100-piece orchestra wearing suits studded with Swarovski crystals?

When asked by Kimmel if it was ever hurtful for Khloe Kardashian to see how well everything was going for Kim, she said no, because the shoe has been on the other foot before. Kim says that she did think that Khloe and Lamar Odom's marriage would work out, because she didn't know an important detail at first.

While Khloe never had a baby with Lamar, Kim gave her a gold star as being the best babysitter to North.

You can watch Kardashian's interview with Kimmel below: