13 Vintage Photos Of People Losing Their Minds Over Television

For you and I, television is great (specifically '90s television, all hail the golden years), sure — but its existence isn't really stare-in-awe-and-scream-at-the-television-set exciting. Like, staying in and watching TV is what you do when you're being antisocial and your FOMO is at bay. Or, it's what you do when you are not missing out on friend and family hangs, and find that there is nothing to do but watch TV. But, back in the olden days, when there was no such thing as a remote control and the world only had about five channels, TV was fresh, new and exciting. There are tons of vintage photos of people watching TV in the '50s to prove it.

What a time it must have been. Sure, family and friend entertainment time had existed before when everybody gathered around the radio, but now there were moving pictures to accompany the voices. Gosh! Shucks! Golly! Other '50s slang terms that express delight! Part of me longs for that simpler time (I mean if you could take away the rampant sexism, racism, and homophobia) when people got just excited to watch Leave It To Beaver as a family then they did to see Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens at an IMAX theater.

But alas, that time is over, so we'll just have to settle for these images of people who cannot handle how much they love television.

1. "Go Good Guys! Go!"

GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

These 20-somethings are LOSING IT over the battle that's happening onscreen. On an other related note, I would like to skidoo into this picture and steal her pumps.

2. "Jeepers, Isn't She Swell!"

GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This family CANNOT GET OVER the singing woman on their TV screen. These days, this photo would have the two kids freaking out about watching Adventure Time on Dad's iPad, not this lady singing. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad would be upstairs watching something on their own TV while Grandma and Grandpa bogarded the downstairs television to watch C-SPAN.

3. "This One Is A Christmas Movie Classic, Hon!"

GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This couple IS JOYOUS about the holiday movie on their screens. Once upon a time, there were only a few Christmas movies to celebrate the holidays. This couple doesn't even know how lucky they are for not having to make a decision between the movie that's on ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas, or the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, or the Christmas special that's on their Netflix queue.

4. "But How Does This Contraption Work?"

GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

These participants on a double date CANNOT TAKE this television. How does this magic box work?

5. "All Hail Santa!"

GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

These kids ARE OBSESSED with the ability to see Santa on the small screen.

6. "Look, Dad! A Homerun!"

GraphicaArtis/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This family is ECSTATIC that they can watch live sports with their old man.

7. "I Coulda Been A Contender, Girls."

Archive Photos/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This blonde lady and her blonde daughters are ENAMORED with the blonde woman on television. One can only assume Mama wanted to be a startlet.

8. *Sigh*

Underwood Archives/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This young cowpoke CANNOT STAND the sound quality of her family's television. Don't sit to close to the television, cowgirl, I've been told it rots your brain.

9. "Huh."

GraphicaArtis/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

We can only assume this family is SO AMUSED and having such a great time because their television is a time travel device and they are watching a 2016 Republican Primary Debate.

10. "Hi Ho Silver! Amiright, Guys?"

GraphicaArtis/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

This little boy is FREAKING OUT over a galloping horse. "It looks like it's coming right at us, Father!" he exclaims.

11. "Are You Guys Seriously Still Watching This?"

GraphicaArtis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This well-dressed member of the party is SO READY to be done staring at the television and actually live her life. Just wait until your grandchildren are staring at YouTube videos at the dinner table, lady. It's only going to go downhill from here.

12. "Baby Boo Boo Wants To Watch Too."

Lambert/Archive Photos/Getty Images

That doll is SO EXCITED about the television she's about to come to life and murder everyone in the room so she can control the volume with no complaints from whine-y family members.

13. "See Mother, Puppets Are For Adults Too!"

PhotoQuest/Archive Photos/Getty Images

This little girl is SO PLEASED her mother is interested in this weird puppet show featuring a character who vaguely resembles Alf.

Looking at these images really made me want to sit down with my extended family and enjoy our TV dinners (from a new-fangled microwave machine, gosh!) in front of the TV. Unfortunately, there are too many channel options and we can never agree on anything to watch together. Ahh, the perils of this modern world. So alas, I'll just hide in my room and marathon The X-Files, while Papa Lipsitz folds laundry in the basement to a James Bond movie and Mama Roxy swoons over home improvement shows in the living room while balancing her checkbook. This is the American family. C'est La Vie.