You Have To Try Khloe Kardashian’s Bobby Pin Pony

I am nothing short of obsessed with her stylish blond lob, but Khloe Kardashian's bobby pin ponytail has my obsession going completely over the top. She rocked the look at an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, and it's given me a new lust for trying new styles out on my own short hair. It was sleek, high-fashion, and totally runway-ready.

Even though Khloe's old hair was stunning as well, her trendy short 'do makes me forget all about her long locks. Whether she's wearing her tresses in a straight and shiny bob, perfectly curled, or naturally wavy, it always looks amazing. But I have to say, last night's ponytail took her cut to an entirely new level.

This wasn't just your regular old low ponytail, of course. Her hair was parted down the middle and secured with a long black bungee tie, according to Glamour. Normally, hair elastics are hidden and disguised, but in this case, the inch-wide feature was center stage, second only to one other element of the style. The pièce de résistance was a row of 20 to 25 black bobby pins to the left of her pony, keeping the front of her hair tightly secured. So, so chic.

Khloe, this is why you're my fave Kardashian. (Shh... Our secret.)

The look was created by celebrity stylist Cesar Ramirez, and he posted a few angles of the look as well.

To get the look, start with a fashion-forward low ponytail, like so.

Instead of using that regular black elastic around your wrist, though, DIY your own long bungee tie with foldover elastic (aka the stuff made to make those creaseless hair ties). It's way cheaper, and you can customize the length. Find it at any crafting store, like JoAnn or Michael's. (Or do what I do and shop for *literally* everything online.)

Foldover Black Elastic, $2, Joann

Here's how to create 'em yourself — just make them a little bigger than you would a normal elastic so you can wrap it around the ponytail more times, and make sure it lies flat and the tie part is tucked in on the underside of your ponytail. Feel free to try different elastic colors; A maroon or gray hue would be super stylish.

For the finishing touch, go crazy on a pack of bobby pins and secure a bunch of them to the side of your ponytail. The black ones were great, but personally, I'd go for gold — the world (and this hair style) is your oyster.

Everyday Bobbis in Gold, $12, B ando

Can't wait to see what short hair style you inspire us with next, Khloe.

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Images: khloekardashian, cesar4styles/Instagram; Courtesy of brands