Lance Bass Chimes In On Juan Pablo's Remarks

If you were waiting for a certain 'N Sync member to come forward and opine before you made up your mind on supporting The Bachelor, then today you are in luck, ya weirdo. Lance Bass says that he forgives Juan Pablo Galavis' for his anti-gay comments and understands how Galavis could feel the way he does. Bass became a fan of The Bachelor this season because of Galavis specifically who gained notoriety after he appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelorette. Bass says, "I don't hate him. I still think he's cute."

Bass, who came out as gay publicly in 2006, went on to say, "Of course it’s disappointing, because you don’t want someone who (you) actually love to have those thoughts." Um... I think here he means hypothetically and not that he is literally in love with the Bachelor, but I'm not sure. Maybe he likes the show that much.

Bass sees Galavis' views as an effect of the culture in which he was raised rather than a conscious decision to be hateful and can relate because of his own upbringing.

When you grow up in a place like that, you get brainwashed into thinking that way, you know, you can’t help what you grow up with. I mean, I grew up in Mississippi, so I know how people can get brainwashed into thinking really, really awful things. So hopefully, he will learn from this and get educated.

It sounds like Bass could be right about Galavis getting educated. Earlier this week, after apologizing for calling gay people "more pervert" and citing a language barrier, Galavis apologized again with the support of GLAAD. He also made plans to meet with GLAAD and Latino LGBT individuals and families in Los Angeles.