H&M's Conscious Collection Is Available Very Soon

I still haven't had proper time to fully process its 700-product, eco makeup range and H&M goes and does this! H&M is launching its Conscious Collection beauty range and the fast fashion discount retailer has basically one-upped itself. The collection will boast approximately 30 organic skin, hair, and body products that are good for you and the environment, thanks to the fact that they are "free" of lots of icky stuff and come packaged in super cute, recycled containers. When is H&M's Conscious Collection of products, which is an extension of the beauty range, available?

As it turns out, it will be shoppable super soon in certain locations. The collection starts its initial roll out next week and will continue through March, coinciding with the launch of the next Conscious Collection of clothing on April 7. All told, the collection will be available in select stores and online in March.

The products are free of ingredients like GMOs, parabens, and silicone. There are no synthetic dues and no perfumes. But here is the kicker, peeps! The products are all between $7 and $13, which is awesome, since natural and organic beauty items are usually pricy and tough to find. So H&M is making them affordable and widely available. Eureka!

H&M has proven its commitment to sustainable and ethical offerings, with their clothing pieces. It makes sense that a product line for the body and hair would follow suit.

This collection focuses on a pair of aromatherapy scents — Vitalising, which is citrus, thanks to mandarin and grape notes, and Relaxing, which is comprised of lavender, vetiver, and rosemary. Both are guaranteed to elicit a major "Aah!" reaction.

There are lotions, hand creams, face masks, aluminum-free deodorant, shampoo, body oil, tinted lip balm, and more. It's the perfect complement to the 700-strong beauty collection.

I love the minimal, apothecary-like packaging, which looks cool and contempo, too.

It's good for you and good for the earth!

Images: H&M (6)