Did Ezra Kill Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'? He's A Whole Different Person In Season 6B

After five long months, Pretty Little Liars has finally returned to all of its twisted glory. The Season 6B premiere introduced us to what the Liars' new lives look like after five years away from Rosewood, but it only took a few hours to find them back at the center of a mystery. Charlotte DiLaurentis was found dead in the Pretty Little Liars midseason premiere, only hours after the Liars' testimony led to her being released from a mental hospital. While the Liars currently seem to be the primary suspects in the case, there is someone else in town who may be guilty. Did Ezra kill Charlotte?

Ezra's life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park since we last saw him. Though he found love with Nicole, Emily's friend and Habitat For Humanity volunteer, his world was turned upside down when Nicole was kidnapped by "half-baked revolutionaries" in South America. Ezra is not doing well following this trauma, and can't seem to pen his next novel (which Aria's company is publishing). Now, he's back in Rosewood, living above The Brew and struggling to cope.

Though most of the Liars have returned to Rosewood, there is one person who seems to be most suspected of offing Charlotte out of the four — Ezra's ex-girlfriend, Aria. She was the only Liar to speak up about how she was afraid of Charlotte and how she did not want her to be released from the mental hospital. That makes her very suspicious and in a preview for new episode "Charlotte's Web," it seems that the other girls — including Alison — think so as well.

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It's clear that Aria did leave the hotel the night of Charlotte's murder, but as the security footage shows, she was with Ezra at some point. Then there's the fact that the preview also shows Ezra spotting Charlotte before she goes into the church — could he have followed her in?

Though it may seem like Ezra doesn't have much motivation to kill Charlotte, there is actually a major clue in the episode that hints at why he might want her dead: the kidnapping of his girlfriend. Ezra is completely distraught over the disappearance of his loved one, but let's not forget that this isn't the first time someone Ezra loved was kidnapped: Charlotte kidnapped Aria and kept her in the dollhouse for weeks. Ezra can't find Nicole or seek revenge on her captors, but perhaps he killed Charlotte in an act of misplaced rage.

Ezra could very well be a red herring for the crime, but let's not forget that as CeCe Drake, Charlotte also seemed like a red herring, and we all know how that turned out. Ezra's recent tragedy puts him in a very fragile state of mind, and after five years, we really don't know this character as well as we used to. Ezra may be hiding more secrets than we could have ever imagined — and maybe his biggest one is that he's Rosewood's latest killer. For more theories, check out Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

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