Stars Bring Back a Not-So-Achievable Look

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show may have taken place last month, but it's becoming increasingly clear that some stars don’t need an excuse to show off their bras in public. A trio of stars — actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, model Joan Smalls, and Russian fashion editor Miroslava Duma — were spotted this week flashing the style, which means the peekaboo bra trend may be back in full swing whether we like it or not.

Wearing a slouchy black Isabel Marant jumpsuit, leather booties, and flawless hair and makeup, Hudson showed up baring it all at a Carnival Cruise Lines with her sleek black bra in plain view. And it isn't the first time she's let it all hang out: Just last April, the American Idol alum walked the red carpet at a Lifetime event with her plunging black bra peeking out of a leopard-print blouse.

While she flashed her bra, too, Smalls wasn't quite as daring as Hudson when she arrived at a recent movie screening in Paris. Wearing a loose-fitting Gucci dress, the Puerto Rican model let her lacy bralet make a subtle appearance.

Duma, who's been under fire recently for publishing a discriminatory photo on her fashion site, didn't try to hide from the spotlight when she attended a gala in Paris showing off her lacy undergarment beneath a sheer Louis Vuitton blouse.

Desiree Navarro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They’re not the only stars who have shown off their goodies lately, with Selena Gomez donning a sexy lingerie look at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and the typically conservative Rashida Jones sporting a poorly hidden black bra under her dress.

But while many of these celebs look admittedly gorgeous — though not always tasteful —showing off their undergarments, it can be frustrating for fans to see celebrity trends that don’t quite equate in real life. In most workplaces, the average woman is expected to show up looking respectable or, at the very least, clothed. And even in their off time, how many women truly feel comfortable flashing pieces of their wardrobes typically reserved for their lovers' eyes only?

Sure, intentionally showing off your undergarments is better than an accidental flash of the bra or just wearing no bra at all (we’re looking at you, Kelly Brook). But it's a celebrity look that doesn't work for the real woman and — many times — not even for the stars who try it.