14 Boyfriends & Girlfriends From 'Full House,' Ranked From Best To #RelationshipGoals

Now, I have a serious confession: I watch Full House every single day. I mean, come on: Full House is arguably one of the greatest TGIF shows to ever come out of the '80s and '90s. Not to mention, I'm still crying into my bowl of "basghetti and ouce cream" after watching Friday's teaser release for the Netflix spin-off Fuller House that depicted the whole gang back in action (including Mr. Woodchuck). And that's not even counting all the major feels that were awakened when I caught a glimpse of the cast on set. (I really need someone to pinch me now).

Though we still have another month of anticipation to go before we're happily welcomed back into the lives of Danny Tanner (played by Bob Saget), sweet Uncle Jesse (played by John Stamos) and Aunt Rebecca Katsopolis (played by Lori Laughlin), sisters D.J. (played by Candice Cameron-Bure) and Stephanie Tanner (played by Jodie Sweetin), and hilarious best friend and neighbour Kimmy Gibbler (played by Andrea Barner), it got me thinking about all the other actors that appeared on the show in the '90s... especially the boyfriends and girlfriends.

I mean damnnnnnn, those folks had the best pick of the sitcom crop when it came to their love interests. So I couldn't think of a better way to dry my wet eyes and be still my sentimental beating heart before Feb. 26, of course, than to research all our most-notably favourite dreamboats and babes and rank them for ya... Can you say "have mercy"?

14. Carrie Fowler

If you don't remember Carrie, then you will also have a hard time remembering their epic romance that occurred when they both attended Golden Bay High School. The day before graduation, Carrie left Jesse to pursue a career in modelling, only to return to his life 10 years later, after he was already engaged to Becky. Not good.

13. Kevin Gwynn

Kevin was D.J.'s sorta "first boyfriend," the one her friends faked her out to kiss during a game of "Spin The Bottle" on her 13th birthday — but Kevin is last on my list for her because he totally gave into peer pressure and was the stupid kid who got D.J. in trouble with Uncle Jesse when he was drinking beer. Not cool bro — her mom was killed by a drunk driver!

12. Patty Fogerty

Danny did an epic heart-stomping dance about Patty Fogerty. She was Joey's college girlfriend who broke his heart by leaving him for another man of more romance — but when she returns only to find a more serious Joey when she was hoping for silly, she takes off again. Poor Joey! Don't worry though, it was her, NOT YOU.

11. Ryan

OK, so he was super hot and he was also the captain of the football team. But Ryan's main appearance was in the Season 8 episode entitled, "All Stood Up," get where I am going with this? Ryan stood Steph up when she asked him to the dance and he also got hella scared when Danny gave him a stern-talking to with a box full of spam. I'm just putting it out there, you're a douchebag, Ryan.

10. Cindy

Do you all remember the terror that was Rusty? Well, Cindy was his mom — and although she was such a wonderful quick lapse of love for Danny, especially when she was feeding into his love for cleaning by working at a dry cleaner, she still raised a disaster of a son... 'nuff said.

9. Nelson

Nelson was dorky cute. He had the potential to be a steady long-term boyfriend for DJ. But if you are only going to show your affection to a woman by constantly buying her expensive gifts and hiring big time singers to woo her, then you're just shallow.

8. Harry Takayama

Crazy adorable, am I right? He had the most adorable nickname for Stephanie ("Chief") and had one of the cutest wedding ceremonies with her. Though he did have a crush on D.J. and left her at the altar for his mom's meatloaf, he was always giving Steph the best compliments.

7. Viper

No matter your opinion of Viper, he was willing to better himself for DJ — and really, what more can you ask for in a long-term relationship?!

6. Teddy

In my heart, Teddy is no. 1. He is totes adorbs! He was also the one of the most consistent friends that little Michelle Tanner had. ALSO, HAVE YOU SEEN THE MAN NOW?! He is killing it on Baby Daddy, and his music is fire.

5. Duane

Easy-going. Agrees to marry Kimmy. Quotes Shakespeare soulfully. Whatever.

4. Claire Mahan

Claire was hands down one of my favorite girlfriends that Danny ever had. Her and Danny could relate to the single-parent household struggle — not to mention she was Steph's BFF Gia's mom, and the possibility of them being sisters was a dream we all shared.

3. Steve Hale

I have no words except THE BEST. Steve, you can come bring your hungry self in my kitchen any damn day. The feels!

2. Vicky Larson

I think all of America desperately wished this relationship lasted. She was kind, she made delicious food, she gave the absolute best advice, and we all knew she would have been the greatest mom alive to Danny's girls. Though some find her selfish for leaving Danny to pursue her journalism career, I applaud her. Sometimes, you have to follow your dreams before your heart and live for you. Vicky was the ultimate testament to that, and it is actually so positive to see in today's society. You go girl!

1. Rebecca Donaldson (Later, Katsopolis)

It's Aunt Becky! She was always there for Jesse, through all the ups and the downs. She showed DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle how to be great, powerful women in their lives and how to love themselves for who they are. All around, she was the best character to walk into and never leave the Tanner residence.

As we inch closer to Fuller House with every passing day, I cannot wait to see all the baes that will grace our small screens this February.

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