Tracy Morgan & Jordan Peele's Upcoming FX Comedy Already Sounds Like A Winner

In very exciting news for fans of Key and Peele, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and just comedy in general, Tracy Morgan and Jordan Peele are making an FX comedy. Morgan, after suffering from severe injuries following an auto accident in 2014, has recently made his triumphant return to comedy by hosting Saturday Night Live and booking his first post-accident movie. Before the accident, Morgan had been working on an FX pilot with the folks from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia that was derailed because of his recovery, but this new show will replace that.

Jordan Peele is best known as one-half of the sketch duo Key and Peele (along with comedian Keegan Michael Key), whose Comedy Central show of the same name just ended so the comedians could pursue other projects. Peele recently took on a more dramatic role on Fargo, and he recently appeared in the recent season of Wet Hot American Summer.

I, for one, am excited to see these two comedy greats work together in their new comedy, which was announced on Saturday. As FX's programming president Nick Grad put it, "what an unbeatable combination." While it's still in early stages, here's what we know so far about the as-of-yet untitled show, other than the fact that it will be hilarious.

It's A Post-Prison Comedy


Here's the show's premise, according to EW : A man is released after 15 years in prison. Looking to get his life back on track, he struggles to adjust to the new technologies and practices of a much-changed world.

Morgan Will Star


Morgan is set to play the lead, a role that I'm sure he'll be great in. So far, it doesn't look like Peele will act in it, but I imagine there will be a part for him.

It Will Begin Production This Summer


The show is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting this summer, which means that we have a quite a while to wait until the show airs.

It's Got Some Other Great People On Board


The big names of Morgan and Peele aren't the only impressive talent involved with the show. John Carcieri of Eastbound & Down, Eric Tannenbaum of Two and a Half Men, and Joel Zadak of Key and Peele will join Morgan and Peele as executive producers. Carcieri and Peele wrote the pilot.

I for one cannot wait to see how this exciting team pulls off the intriguing premise. Hopefully, we'll have more information, such as a premiere date and title, soon enough.

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