What Your Favorite '90s Villain Says About You, From Hannibal Lecter To Kathryn Merteuil

I don't know about you, but there's nothing I enjoy more than a character I hate to love and love to hate. In other words, I enjoy a good villain in my entertainment. After all, what's more fun than an evil mastermind hell-bent on destroying the lives of those around them for the sake of revenge, or sometimes just because they've got nothing better to do? While in real life I abide by the principles of kindness and goodness towards my fellow human beings, when it comes to the TV shows and movies I watch, anything goes. In other words, if there's a complex villain with a story to tell, I'm here for it and I want to know all about it. And since I grew up in the '90s, that decade in particular had its fair share of formidable, malevolent forces to contend with — and boy, was it fun to watch.

Obviously in day-to-day-life, people who are jerks and treat others like crap and commit heinous crimes aren't to be lauded or enjoyed in any way. I can't abide it. But fiction is art and it's where we can let those random parts of our psyche out to play and explore the depths of the human condition (for better and worse) in entirety. Basically, these 9 villains from the '90s were the cream of the crop, and your favorite probably says a lot about you as a person, too.

Hannibal Lecter — Silence of the Lambs

You probably enjoy a fine wine — Chianti never goes amiss — and enjoy outwitting those who go against you. You're complex and incredibly intelligent, but sometimes you find yourself misdirecting all of that pent up energy. But don't worry, you're likely not going to turn into a cannibal... at least I hope not.

Cigarette Smoking Man — The X-Files

You believe that sometimes individuals have to suffer for the sake of the greater good. You also believe that sometimes lying is necessary if it means preventing a potentially damaging truth from emerging. You're persistent and won't give up, sometimes to an annoying degree.

Kathryn Merteuil — Cruel Intentions

You don't mean to manipulate people, you just sometimes find yourself doing it because it's fun. You are definitely one to hold a grudge and will ensure that anyone who crosses you pays, even if getting your revenge has some collateral damage. After all, how will people learn not to mess with you if you don't teach them how dangerous it is to do so?

Angelica — Rugrats

You have no patience for kids or "dumb babies" — you're older and that means you're automatically smarter. You want everything you desire to be given to you now, and you find practicing patience difficult to the point of impossibility. You're spoiled and a little bit bratty because of it, but you know how to turn on the charm when necessary.

Ghostface — Scream

You often find yourself hiding behind a mask in your day-to-day- life, afraid of what would happen if people got to know the real you. You like seeing people jump when you sneak up on them, and you've been known to spend your Friday nights making prank calls which terrify people more than entertain them.

Shredder — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You have a hard exterior that people find it hard to get past, as you never really let anyone get to know you. You have a serious dislike of pizza and reptiles, and you're often cranky for what seems like no reason. People don't really understand what your bad attitude is all about, but that doesn't stop you from having one.

The Borg — Star Trek: The Next Generation & Voyager

You believe in the power of the hive mind and think that the more heads come together, the better their ideas will be. Individuality is fine and all, but you're sure that if we were all much more alike, we could accomplish greatness.

Agent Smith — The Matrix

You don't really trust humans to make their own decisions and would prefer to control them, because you know what's best. Without order being kept, you know that the world could go downhill quickly, and you're willing to go to any lengths necessary to make sure that doesn't happen.

Miss Trunchbull — Matilda

You probably didn't have a very happy childhood (or no childhood at all, as you tell everyone else), hence the reason children aren't really your thing now. Again, you believe that kids need to be controlled and kept quiet, and that if they act out of turn, they need to be taught a lesson so that it doesn't happen again.

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