Shia LaBeouf Returns To His Disney Roots, But The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking

Growing up in the '90s and early '00s gives me a very distinct opinion about what makes good TV. In other words, I strongly believe that those decades were the prime time for television, especially when it came to Disney Channel's original series and movies. That's why the recent news about Michael Galeota's death is so heartbreaking. The 31-year-old starred in The Jersey, a sports-themed show that aired from 1999 to 2004. On Saturday, a funeral was held to honor the actor, and Shia LaBeouf attended in support of his former Disney pal. An inside source told E! News that LaBeouf wore a baseball cap and sat in the front row. Explaining the connection, the source said:

After word spread about Galeota's passing, a GoFundMe page was started to help cover the funeral costs. When a donation under the name "Shia L." appeared for $5,000, people speculated it was from LaBeouf, and E! has confirmed that this is indeed true. Although the news is sad, it's heartwarming that the former Even Stevens actor stepped up to the plate and supported his friend's family. Especially since in recent years, the press surrounding LaBeouf tends to fall somewhere between negative and questionable. This is a positive change of pace.

While I'm sure LaBeouf's presence was appreciated, let's shift the spotlight back to Galeota and the legacy he left behind. E! reports that the somber day was a celebration of his life. An inside source said:

Sounds like a memorable but undeniably heartbreaking ceremony. Sending all the best to Galeota's family, friends, and fans! He'll be missed.