Judd Apatow Gave Amy Schumer The Critics' Choice MVP Award & Poked Fun At Everyone In The Room

Amy Schumer has had one hell of a year—she hosted Saturday Night Live, she was on the cover of countless magazines, she won a Peabody Award, she made Trainwreck, she had her own HBO special, and she was nominated for a Golden Globe. When Judd Apatow presented the MVP Award to Schumer at the Critics’ Choice Awards, he pointed out all of these accomplishments—and then some—but not before making fun of, well, most people in the room at the award show. What else would Judd Apatow do? He’s one of the funniest minds on the planet.

In Apatow’s firing line of sight? Matt Damon and his movie The Martian, which caused many an eye roll at the Golden Globe Awards when it was put in the comedy/music category and not the drama category (where I also think it belonged). Apatow told Damon that the Best Comedy Award is all that comedies have, and that it was a hard rain for The Martian to take it from Apatow and all the other comedy producers (he was kidding, of course…sort of). He also poked fun at this strange classification by saying that he already knows that Trainwreck lost Best Comedy film at the Critics’ Choice Awards to Carol. Seriously, though—I get that movies have to place themselves where they think they can win, but The Martian listed itself as Sci-Fi/Horror for the Critics Choice Awards. Pick a place and stick with it, you guys. Apatow also called out JJ Abrams for doing so little (he only made Star Wars: The Force Awakens) while Schumer did so much.

Though Apatow warmed up the room with some jokes, he mostly importantly paid a loving homage to Schumer, with whom he produced Trainwreck. Schumer gave many a praise back to Apatow, saying that she didn’t know how she scammed Apatow into making Trainwreck with her and thanking him for his support. These two are a Hollywood comedy pairing made in heaven, so I look forward to many other Schumer/Apatow collaborations.