How Can You Buy Taylor Swift's Fashion Line?

A certain chart-topping pop star just showed her first line at her first fashion week (in Hong Kong, no less!). Filled to the brim with Swiftian street style staples like stripes, jumpers, and boxy crop-tops, it's quite the collection of must-haves — so, how can you buy Taylor Swift's fashion line?

Well, unfortunately for us, the line (which was released last August) is exclusively available on Chinese e-commerce sites, and TMall. Neither retailer has an English site at the moment, which definitely makes it a hurdle for those of us who don't happen to live in China/speak the language. That said, if you're more of an intrepid shopper than me, the admittedly cute (and reasonable — shirts retail from between $20 to $40) pieces might just be worth the extra effort.

Interestingly enough, the line was created in part to help combat all of the counterfeit Taylor Swift merchandise making the rounds — which might be part of the reason why the Heritage66 website cautions fans from buying the line from anywhere other than the authorized retailers, and TMall — so, sadly, it might be tough to track the collection down on sites like Amazon or eBay.

You want to know the silver lining, though? It's not exactly hard to recreate Swift's look. No, these pieces won't be emblazoned with the words "Shake it Off" or spell out "Taylor Swift" with floating Matrix- esque letters, but for now? It's as close as we can get.

A-Line Mini Skirt with Scallop Hem

ASOS A-Line Mini Skirt with Scallop Hem, $34.21,

Taylor's line includes scallop-hemmed minis, so why not take this one out for a spin?

Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Sleeveless Jumpsuit, $9.99,

Come on, this list had to include a bodycon romper.

Stripe Funnel Neck Top

Stripe Funnel Neck Top, $28,

Yeah, when it comes to Taylor, you can't go wrong with stripes. Exhibit A.

Chunky Jumper in Stripe

ASOS CURVE Ultimate Chunky Jumper in Stripe, $51.32,

... And, Exhibit B.

Zip Skirt in Dark Plaid

Zip Skirt in Dark Plaid, $69.99,

Like stripes, plaid is another must-have when building a Swift-inspired wardrobe.

MOTO Cord Pinafore Dress

MOTO Cord Pinafore Dress, $75,

Overalls. As a dress. That is all.

Denim A-Line Mini Skirt

ASOS CURVE A-Line Denim Mini Skirt, $34.21,

Well, as you can see, this denim mini skirt pairs very nicely with the aforementioned stripes.

Ladies "no it's becky" Shirt in Yellow

Ladies No Its Becky Shirt in Yellow, $14.99,

And last but not least? Pay some fan service to Swift with one of her favorite memes.

What do you think? Can some off-brand stripes and a-line minis tide you over until Taylor inevitably heads to NYFW with her BFF, Anna Wintour?

Images: Heritage 66 Company; Courtesy Brands