12 Lisa Rinna Gifs That Are Perfect If You're Single On Valentine's Day

Raise your hand if you love Valentine's Day and can't wait to celebrate? Yeah, me neither. Now, raise your hand if you're always single on the holiday? Yep, my hand is raised really high. By no means am I bitter about always being alone on Valentine's Day, because I'm more than happy as a single woman who constantly has "me" time. Like Leslie Knope, I'm more of a Galentine's Day woman, myself. However, there are those who hate the holiday and wish they had someone to share it with. No matter your feelings, the holiday does produce many mixed emotions for single individuals. So, what better way to illustrate that than with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna, who perfectly sums up Valentine's Day for single people?

Obviously, Rinna isn't single and probably spends the special day with her husband Harry Hamlin. That said, thanks to RHOBH, the former soap opera star's provided many gif-worthy moments that speak to single people and their range of emotions on Valentine's Day.

If you weren't already a fan of the hilarious Housewife, then you soon will be. I guarantee these gifs will turn any single person's Valentine's Day around for the better.

1. When You're Sick Of Hearing About Other Peoples' Plans

I get it, you're going on some marvelous date and being showered with tons of gifts, including delicious chocolates. The first time I heard it was enough, I don't need to hear about it all over again.

2. When You're Wishing & Hoping For Any Kind Of Gift

Gimme, gimme. Seriously, single people deserve gifts, too. I mean, give me a package of Peanut M&M's and I'll be thrilled. I'll even accept some change to get something out of the vending machine.

3. When You Regret Being The Third Wheel

Did your friend insist/beg/plead with you to join his/her date? Yeah, that's never a good idea.

4. When You Agree To That Awkward Blind Date

Why? Why would you put yourself through that awkwardness on Valentine's Day?

5. When Your Roommate Brings Home Leftover Dessert

Did someone say dessert? Yes, please. Cake always goes nicely with your night of Netflix viewing.

6. When Your Boss Says You Have To Work

Really? Just because I'm the only single person at the office doesn't mean I don't have a date with my couch, sweats, and Netflix.

7. When You Want To Relax At A Bar, But Get Hit On

Why can't a single person go out for a drink by themselves on Valentine's Day without getting hit on? Next time, just grab a bottle of wine and go straight home.

8. When You Don't Want To Talk About Your Plans

There's bound to be someone who just has to know about our Valentine's Day plan. When in doubt, change the conversation.

9. When You Decide To Join Your BFF's Date


Maybe you don't want to sit home all by yourself and insist that you crash your friend's date. It happens.

10. When Your Roomie Notices Their Chocolates Are Gone


Not even sorry a little bit.

11. When Someone Asks About Your Night

Hey, just because you're single doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself on Valentine's Day — or any other day for that matter.

12. When You Couldn't Be Happier To Be Single

Seriously, being single is the best — even on Valentine's Day.

Images: realitytvgifs (8), spacedudes, bethenny/Tumblr; Giphy (2)