Who Peggy Marries Remains An 'Agent Carter' Mystery, But Season 2 Adds A New Frontrunner

After a successful first season spent taking down covert operatives in New York City and generally saving the world, Agent Carter is heading to the West Coast for the show's second outing. And while Season 2 will surely introduce some new mysteries, one of the ongoing questions in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is who captures Peggy's heart and eventually becomes her husband. So will Agent Carter Season 2 reveal who Peggy marries? At the very least, it will introduce some more romantic possibilities.

In an interview with IGN from before Season 1, star Hayley Atwell said that if the show continued for multiple seasons, it could delve into Peggy's future life and marriage. But she specifically said, "if the show does go into second and third and fourth and fifth season," so we could still be a few seasons away from solid answers. But let's talk about what we do know about this mystery man. We know it isn't Steve Rogers, Peggy's love interest from Captain America: The First Avenger, and likely not Howard Stark (future father of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man), as in the Marvel comics he has a wife named Maria. Another little tidbit from Captain America: Winter Soldier revealed that Peggy's husband was a man saved by Captain America during World War II, so he must have been in Europe at the time, likely held by Hydra operatives working under the Red Skull.

With that in mind, let's look at the most likely future Mr. Carters from Agent Carter Season 2, including one brand new character.

Jack Thompson

Thompson is a possibility mostly because he did fight during WWII. However, he was stationed in Japan and as far as I know, Captain America never went to the country during the war. Additionally, during season 1 Thompson and Peggy regularly butted heads, and not in a flirty way, but more in a Thompson-is-sexist kind of way. So unless this is one of those "There's a fine line between love and hate" stories, it seems unlikely the two end up getting married. Plus, while Peggy is headed to L.A., Thompson is staying in New York City, so they aren't even geographically compatible.

Jason Wilkes

We don't know much about this character yet, since he's new to the show in Season 2, but Marvel.com described Wilkes as "a quirky yet charismatic scientist who instantly charms Peggy." It's definitely likely that Wilkes will be a new love interest for Peggy while she's in L.A., but we'll have to wait and see how the relationship progresses before placing bets on him eventually becoming her husband.

Daniel Sousa

After making eyes at Peggy all through Season 1, Sousa finally asked her out on a date in the finale and it seemed everyone who was rooting for this couple was going to have their dreams come true. Of course, the future of this relationship hangs on how that date went — if it happened at all. Plus, if Peggy is being charmed by Wilkes this season, it's difficult to believe she and Sousa have been dating. But, since Sousa will be in L.A. too, there's no reason these two couldn't work it out by the finale. Given his continued involvement in Peggy's life and his time spent fighting in WWII (which led to his leg injury), Sousa still seems like the most likely possibility for Peggy's future husband.

That being said, these Agent Carter characters may all be red herrings, will the real man Peggy will marry remaining a mystery. Hopefully, if it doesn't fully reveal him, Season 2 can at least give us a few more clues.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; onceland, travelingstrawberry/Tumblr