6 'Bachelor' Quotes That Show Ben Higgins' Season Is Already Laser-Focused On Marriage

The entire premise of The Bachelor is predicated on a notion that humans everywhere are familiar with: The search for true love. Sometimes, though, the show takes the concept of dating to a truly amplified and somewhat absurd level. The Bachelor's heavy focus on marriage as the definition of romantic success has already cropped up this season and there have only been two episodes so far. Many of The Bachelor contestants' quotes show they're preoccupied with marriage as the ultimate end goal, rather than just getting to know and falling in love with a compatible person.

Just think of Juan Pablo Galavis who didn't propose and was then treated by fans like he failed as a Bachelor. Shows like The Bachelor, Say Yes to The Dress, and other marriage and wedding-centric shows put a heavy focus on the ring, the proposal, the dress, and the ceremony, but not all that much on the foundation of the relationship. Studies have shown that rushing into marriage without much forethought can be ultimately problematic for the relationship's success. But, it's too late to inform the women of Ben Higgins' Bachelor season of this. And, judging from the first couple of episodes, everyone has marriage and only that on the brain.


In the very first video package featured this season, viewers see Lauren B. — the flight attendant from California who is, as she says, "so single it's sad" — toasting with her girlfriends. One of them gleefully shouts "#MrsHiggins" as if that's the only priority Lauren should have on her journey. (Side note: why does the woman have to change her name?)

"I Would Love To Be Engaged At The End Of This."

Caila admits early that she has always had a crush on Ben, but also reveals that her "perfect happily ever after" would be a ring at the end of the show.

"Samantha Higgins Sounds Amazing."

Samantha, who was sent packing in Episode 2, kinda jumped the gun on this one.

The Bouquet

Lauren H., a teacher from Texas, went full court press when she brandished a wilting bouquet that she had caught at her friend's wedding the week prior. Nothing like a little "these flowers say I'm the next one to get married" pressure to start off a relationship!

The Save The Date

Jackie Dion one-upped the bouquet with a custom-made wedding invitation, complete with a hashtag — #tohigginsandtohold. Points awarded for creativity, but the gesture only showcased how marriage-focused the women on this show have been from day one.

“I Am So Excited To Get The Rose, And Then Get The Ring. I Want It All.”

Lace has already been pegged as being the "crazy" woman in the pack, but her confession on the show of wanting "it all" was a bit narrow-minded since she was only talking about wanting to get married and nothing else. Also, can we retire the "can women have it all?" discussion once and for all?

“Olivia Higgins. It’s Mine. Let’s Just End The Show Now.”

Though the sheer enormity of Olivia’s mouth really stole the show here, what came out of it was a little more shocking. She thinks that, in Ben, she sees her husband, which might just be her trying to be honest, but seems very forward since they just met. “Ben is my man at this point," she says, while also referring to herself as his "wifey."

Why is being his wife the only option? Why can't Olivia and these other women just be excited to get to know Ben without wanting to run down the aisle? It's not even just the women. Ben himself has said he "can't wait to meet the future Mrs. Higgins." We're just two episodes in and the marriage-talk is already flying fast, so I can't imagine how much more tense the season will get as the women close in on that fateful finale proposal. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get married, but I wish there wasn't such a focus on marriage as the ultimate end goal. As the show loves to say, it's about a journey, and the contestants need to remember to enjoy the ride rather than get too intense about the finale.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC; ABC (2)