Who Was Watching The Liars At Charlotte's Funeral On 'Pretty Little Liars'? They Could Be Either A Friend Or Foe

You know the age-old saying that history has a nasty way of repeating itself? Well, that statement couldn't have proven to be more true in the Pretty Little Liars Season 6B premiere, which, in many ways, mirrored the Season 1 pilot. The alcohol, the sleepover, the deadly mystery that ensues — it was as if we were all watching a more adult version of PLL's very first episode. But in my opinion, the most notable parallel came moments after Charlotte's funeral, when someone appeared to be watching the Liars from a nearby vehicle. Unfortunately, the conveniently tinted window rolled up before we could get a proper look at who this new PLL mystery person could be, but it definitely did call back to the very first time the Liars were ever unknowingly observed.

The moment they stepped out of Alison's funeral and received their first text from A in the series premiere, it marked the end of their privacy and the beginning of the horrors to come. But now that A is gone, who is it that's now watching the Liars from afar — and more importantly, are they a friend or a foe? I've rounded up who I think our most likely suspects could be and whether they're there to help or hinder our latest Rosewood mystery.

1. Mona

I know that Mona is supposedly on the same side as the Liars now, but a big part of me can't help but think back to how she stayed in A's lair long after the others left in the Season 6A finale. What was she doing in there and why? Perhaps this was the beginning of her own personal vendetta against Charlotte and those who stand beside her. After all, she did change her mind and voted in favor of Charlotte's release. Maybe because she had a different type of punishment in mind?

2. Jason DiLaurentis

To viewers, Jason was MIA throughout the entire premiere. But what if he wasn't? What if he was lurking around Rosewood this entire time and we just didn't realize it? Based on Spencer's conversation with Ali, we know that Jason hadn't forgiven Charlotte for everything she's done. But she was still his sister. So even if he wasn't willing to come into the church, that doesn't mean he wasn't still somewhere nearby, watching over things.

3. Someone Who Was In Love With Charlotte

The song that was playing during this particular scene was Patsy Cline's "Crazy." Is it possible that someone had romantic feelings toward Charlotte? It's easy to assume that the person in the car is also responsible for Charlotte's death, but that's not necessarily the case. This could be someone trying to figure out which of the Liars (if any) are to blame for this tragedy. After all, just look at the lyrics, which clearly imply that someone is broken hearted over losing a person they loved: "Crazy for thinking that my love could hold you, I'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying, And I'm crazy for loving you." We know very little about Charlotte's love life, but that certainly doesn't mean she didn't have one. And now that she's dead, there's no telling what her suitor would be capable of doing in the name of love.

4. Melissa Hastings

On the other hand, maybe the person watching over the Liars doesn't have evil intentions in mind. Melissa has always come across as being super shady time and time again, but in the end her actions are usually to help the Liars rather than undermine them. It's possible that after learning of Charlotte's death, Melissa headed back to Rosewood to keep an eye on her sister and make sure she's not next on the killer's list.

5. Maya

Death has never really been a concept to stick on this show, so who's to say Maya won't eventually pop up at some point? After all, we may now know who A is, but we still have no idea what kind of accomplices and enemies she made along the way. Maya's return could serve as a new piece of intel to this complex puzzle.

6. Tippi The Bird

Because at least point I'm not willing to rule anything — or anyone — out.

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