11 Times 'PLL' Hanna Was You On A Bad Date, Because The Struggle Is So Real

Nearly every relationship starts with the (often anxiety-producing) first date, so if you want someone to call bae, you may have to bite the bullet and start dining with semi-strangers. Sometimes these dates go super well, and other times... well, not so much. Bad dates are the fodder for nearly half of a girls' night out conversations, so even the worst of them do have a silver lining — even if it involves hours of laughter from your less-than-sympathetic pals. While the endgame can be awesome, winding up on a bad date is a risk that everyone has to take — learning to cope with the awkwardness is a skill that you're better off picking up quickly. Need some tips? Look no farther than Pretty Little Liars ' own Hanna Marin.

Hanna may have been in a relationship with Caleb for most of Pretty Little Liars history (and, prior to that, in a relationship with the boring-as-ever Sean) but now she's engaged to a new dude... which means that dating had to take place sometime during the five year time jump. Hanna likely kissed plenty of frogs before meeting her current fiance, so she would definitely have the perfect comeback for times when her date is a dud. On a bad date yourself? Use these Hanna quotes as the perfect sassy comebacks.

1. When Your Date Calls You By The Wrong Name

The fact that your date called you "Nicole" when your name is so clearly not Nicole only indicates that there is a Nicole out there who he is also getting drinks with. Totally fine, but, umm... keep your ladies in order, at least.

2. When Your Date Asks You What You're Doing After This

The answer is going home and doing nothing other than Netflix, but just in case he wants to extend the date you have a fake co-worker's birthday party to attend.

3. When Your Date Asks You To Extend The Evening To Your Co-Worker's Birthday Party

There's a guest list. No one can have a plus one. At least, it does in your head, as this party does not exist.

4. When Your Date Can't Stop Talking About His 401K

Well, at least he's not talking politics, right?

5. When Your Date Starts Talking Politics

No election talk over margaritas. It can never go well.

6. When Your Date Asks You If You Want To Go To A Corner And Make Out

That will be a hard no.

7. When Your Date Makes A Comment About You Looking Different In Your Dating Profile Pic

Well, not everyone changes. Clearly, this guy hasn't matured at all.

8. When Your Date Tries To Go For A Kiss

Just a friendly reminder that if he doesn't want to be poked with the fork, he better back off.

9. When Your Date Says He'll "Miss You" When The Check Arrives

Hint, hint.

10. When Your Friends Text You About Your Date

The wounds are just too fresh.

11. And When They Ask You What You Plan On Doing For The Rest Of The Night

Clearly, the art of dating has died.

Here's hoping that the next bad date is just a little bit better.

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