Take A Look At Ashley Iaconetti's New Falsies

The "KardAshleyian" we've all come to know and love is now a beauty entrepreneur, and I cannot wait to try out her creation: fake lashes from her line, Lashed x Lashley. Here are photos of Ashley Iaconetti's lash strip line that will make you excited to try out these falsies.

Ashely Iaconetti, the raven-haired virgin we all rooted for in Bachelor in Paradise, was known for her ultra luxe, tear-filled lashes on the show. Now, she's capitalizing on her luscious lashes with a new strip lash line called Lashed by Lashley. The line offers two style options, Badlands and Paradise.

Badlands is true to its name, having a little more oomph and drama — totally inspired by the middle-of-nowhere date from hell with Chris and Kelsey. Meanwhile, paradise is a more flirtatious, feminine lash strip with less drama. Both are handmade with cruelty-free horse hair and retail for $28. That's pretty pricey as far as false lashes go, when you consider that a drugstore falsie (beloved by the Kardashians) cost only $10 and the nicest mink falsies are around $30. I hope this price point means Lashley went all in on creating strips that last for eight or more wears.

She announced the lashes launch on her personal Instagram, with a caption that read: "My lash strips from my new lash line “Lashed by Lashley” are on sale now!! You can buy them at the link in my bio. There are two different styles. The “Badlands” style is dramatic (like a two-on-one date) and sexy. The “Paradise” style is light, fluffy, and flirty. Both sets will stay on through tears. 😉 If the link doesn't work for you, go to and click Shop."

If anyone knows how to keep lashes on through tears and triumphs, it's this gal.

So you know you can probably trust that these are long-lasting...

Lashes by Lashley in Badlands, $28.00,

Here is the Badlands style, a thicker look that's great for mono lids to create a more defined crease. The mix of long and short strands are also great for hooded eyes.

Lashes by Lashley in Paradise, $28.00,

The Paradise style is longer, lighter, and with an outer flare. This style is perfect for round and deep set eyes, since the extra long strands reach out and upward.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I can't wait to see how the line performs on customers, and if she expands the line to include more looks in the future.

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Images: Pretty Girls Make Faces