Winn Kissed Kara On 'Supergirl' & With Those Feelings Out In The Open, Everyone Is Emotional

Like, don't even talk to me right now, my feels are in pain. The mixed-up lives of the CatCo employees have been forever changed now that Winslow kissed Kara on Supergirl and told her how he felt about her. Oh, the feels, they hurt! I just want everyone to be happy, and after Monday night's episode, pretty much nobody is.

I know I'm probably supposed to be shipping Kara with Jimmy, but my heart will always lie with Jeremy Jordan, and maybe I like Lucy Lane too! How could you not love Jenna Dewan-Tatum? Alas, what's done is done. Kara thinks her reaction has ruined her friendship with Winn, and he's got way more serious issues to deal with thanks to the return of his father, a DC villain known as Toyman, escaped from prison. Winslow Scott Senior is a toymaker who only likes the creepiest toys. He had creepy toys in jail. He sends creepy toys as messages. When Kara confronted him at his old workshop, Slingshot Toys, it was (you guessed) filled with more creepy toys!

Turns out, Toyman had a special purpose for Winn. He wanted him to kill Chester Dunholtz, his toy industry nemesis who had stolen his designs (and shares a name with Schott's childhood bully in the comics) , or face mass murder thanks to several bombs placed in teddy bears at the Toy Convention. Because of course there was a Toy Convention happening in National City that week. This guy wouldn't break out of prison just to reconnect with his kid. Winn was scared that one day he'd snap and become just like his father. What if they were too similar, and it was only a matter of time? It didn't help that Dear Old Dad seemed intent on pushing him towards that "fate" as well.

Winn and Kara bonded over the tragedy they had faced and the parents they'd lost at a young age — and then he kissed her. Which I guess was a mistake, even though I clearly was feeling that moment as well, but Kara pulled away and Winn walked away. Good choices, kids. I'm proud of you both. The next day, in an effort to stop bottling feelings up like his father, Winslow just put all of his cards on the table. He admitted to Kara that he's been in love with her "since before you were Supergirl." Incidentally, that will be the title of my upcoming Kara/Winn fanmix. Look for it on Tumblr. Kara responded by emo flying over the city.

I'm super interested in how this show treated what just went down. Can't you guys just hear the Cat Grant speech on the problematic perils of the "friendzone" from a mile away? I'm obsessed with how she identified and shut down James and Lucy's passive aggressive duel. No matter what, this is a big deal for the world of Supergirl. The flirtation has turned into a serious love triangle, and I kind of don't blame Kara for deciding to talk to some pizza about it at least until the next episode!

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS