6 'Pretty Little Liars' Theory Tumblr Accounts To Follow When You Need Help Solving Season 6B's Mysteries

Pretty Little Liars is back with a vengeance. When the Liars returned to Rosewood for Charlotte's hearing, they had approximately five minutes to enjoy their reunion before the season officially hit the ground running with a murder and the introduction of a brand new stalker. We're only one episode into Season 6B and already have two major mysteries on our hands — who killed Charlotte and who's the new Big Bad on Pretty Little Liars? It could be the same person, but that sounds way too simple for this show. Fans are going to have a lot of sleuthing to do this season, so there's no time like the present to make sure that we're following the best Pretty Little Liars Tumblr accounts for theories.

Part of the fun of being a Pretty Little Liars fan is forming our own theories and waiting with baited breath to see if any of them end up being correct. Plus, what sets the series apart from other shows is the sheer number of mysteries that run concurrently throughout every season. In fact, there are some outstanding questions leftover from 6A, because the "Summer of Answers" didn't resolve everything. Case in point — I'd still love an answer regarding who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, since we know it wasn't Charlotte. For Bustle's take on these mysteries, check out our PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Here are six Tumblr pages that you should definitely follow for theories about the new Big Bad, who killed Charlotte, and the countless other mysteries that will undoubtedly crop up as Season 6B progresses.

1. Chandelier's Rituals

The Chandelier's Rituals Tumblr account has plenty of great gifs, edits, and all that jazz — but what really sets it apart is the owner's dedication to gathering and posting as many theories as possible. Plus, they made sure to re-post this moment of silence for everyone who formulated A theories that were way better than what actually went down in the Season 6A finale. But, now it's time to move on to the next mystery — and the account is already posting some interesting theories about who killed Charlotte.

2. Pretty Little The0ry

Prettylittlethe0ry is an amazing Tumblr dedicated solely to theorizing. Proceed at your own risk, because you may find yourself spending hours on this one thanks to the sheer number of smart, well-thought-out possibilities that crop up after every single episode.

3. Pretty Little Liars Theory Blog

The Pretty Little Liars Theory Blog is full of great theories — and it's currently run by only one person. (So hats off to them for managing to keep up with Rosewood's constant mysteries.) However, that person is looking for helpers, so consider submitting your application if you think you're a pretty darn good armchair detective.

4. Pretty Little Liars Hints

Pretty Little Liars Hints is a fantastic go-to source for any theories, spoilers, and (you guessed it) hints from the cast members and showrunners. What's Emily hiding? Why wasn't Jason at his own sister's funeral? There are already some great theories posted — and a few humorous ones, too.

5. Pretty Little Sessions

Like many of us, the owner of Pretty Little Sessions was fairly underwhelmed and disappointed by the 6A finale. But, since Pretty Little Liars is an addiction that none of us can shake (and let's be honest, don't really want to), the theories and observations will keep coming. First order of business — did the Liars all pack black dresses before returning to Rosewood just in case? I mean, this town's official motto should probably be "another day, another funeral."

6. Official PLL Theories

The page description for Official PLL Theories is concise and painfully on-point: "Wondering how one TV show could make me go this mad." You and me both, because the struggle is so real.

So, now that we're back in business with a new killer and a new Big Bad on the loose, hurry up and follow these Tumblrs — we can't afford to miss a single clue.

Forgot what happened in Season 6A? Check out the (drunk) recap video below.

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