Here's Why Khloe's Bob Is Perfect For Lazy Girls

The lob is one of the most versatile and popular cuts, since it's short... but not really. It's more like "shortish" and "longish" at once. Khloe Kardashian's recent lob is a style that lazy girls will totally love for one reason. You can do so many unique looks with minimal effort. On her press tour for Kocktails With Khloe, Kardashian has been showing off a variety of styles without having to resort to extensions to add length or dynamics. She has been playing with textures and styling and it's making all the difference. Koko's latest twist on the lob is the one lazy girls will love most, since they can recreate it with very little time or work.

The reality star rocked a deep side part, with just a hint of chunky texture. It wasn't curly. It wasn't wavy. It wasn't blown stick straight and sleek. Those are all looks she showed off in the past week and change, BTW. Here, Kardashian opted for deep part that started at the outer edge of her eyebrow, framing the other side of her head. It also created the illusion of super long bangs.

So, doing a deep part with a lob like this can allow you to fake bangs. It also lets you play peek-a-boo with one of your eyes, adding a sexy element of mystique.

Who knew the lob could do all that without eating too much time?!

To copy Kardashian's deep side part, you basically use a brush or rattail comb to create a part near the top of the ear. Add some texturizing or sea salt spray. Scrunch with hands. Blow-dry. Set with some hairspray if you so desire and BOOM! You. Are. Dunzo.

Kardashian is having more fun as a blonde, that's for sure. She has committed to both the cut and the color. Instead of swiftly returning to her familiar long, brown hair —cough, Kim Kardashian, cough— she has learned play with shorter, blonde hair, coming up with so many bombshell looks.

Here's the visual proof of Kardashian's lob being a perfect lazy girl 'do.

The deeply parted lob can be textured or blown sleek. The part can also be placed anywhere on the head.

If you have just a little more time and energy, you can add defined waves, like so. You can use a curling iron, sure. Or you can add mousse, scrunch, and go.

Beachy bedhead does not have to rely on super long length. You can change up your lob many times on your own and with your hands. That's a lazy girl's true coif love.

Think you can't do a ponytail with a lob, since it's "too short?" Think again! While Kardashian's low pony was kicked up thanks to the wrap and the bobby pins, lazy girls can skip all that noise and easily grab a hair tie, fasten hair low on the neck, and be done with it.

Her sleek, face-framing, and angled shape here is so, so chic. There are a few steps, but it's actually perfect for lazy girls. Yes, you have to take some time to blow it straight and finish with a flat iron. But the most important takeaway is that you achieve a totally different look without relying on tons of product or a trip to the salon.

The incredible variety of styles is what makes this cut lazy girl perfection.

Images: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram (5)