The Justin Bieber "I'll Be There" Lyrics Tell A Heartwarming Story Of Love & Commitment — LISTEN

Unless you're a huge fan of Justin Bieber, you might not have noticed when the pop star slipped a new song onto his YouTube account on January 15. And I really do mean new. Justin Bieber debuted "I'll Be There," a song that didn't appear on either the regular or the deluxe editions of Purpose, and I probably don't have to tell you that you're going to love it. Bieber's new sound, and the new songs that he's put out after his year-long apology tour, has done wonders toward earning back some of the fans that he lost during his many run-ins with the law. All of Bieber's songs tend to have a purpose — if you don't mind the pun — and this one is no exception. The "I'll Be There" lyrics tell a truly touching story in which he promises to be there for a girl that he loves, no matter what comes. (Is it too early to ask if this is about Selena Gomez? Too soon? Or too late?)

Regardless of who the song is about, the lyrics are very straightforward in their intention. In the first verse alone, Bieber discusses his intention to do everything he can for this girl that he cares about... at least while he's still physically there.

Crying out for love, I'm just here to take you awayDon't worry bout a thing, I'm just focused on you todayYou're laid out, you were raised up in a poor town Roll up, baby roll up So hard to leave, but I know I gotta go now Paris and London, on top of the worldBaby we're so down, will you be my girlSomething I wanna say You know I'll be there

Of course, he can't actually be there all the time. Not in person. But that doesn't mean that he won't be there for the girl metaphorically, you know? And, just in case you didn't understand that in the verse, he reiterates it in the chorus.

I'll be there for you, even though I'm gone Holding you close babe, close to my heart I'll be there for you, even though I'm gone Holding you close babe, close to my heart

The second verse gets a little cheeky. In what's a clear reference to sexting (or is it less clear and I just have a dirty mind?), Bieber discusses keeping their relationship fresh by exchanging pictures, and reconfirms his commitment to the girl.

I see my phone ring, hope it's you babe You sent me a picture, well I sent one too I'm just trying to keep this love on track Babe, I got your heart and I won't give it back

Then, in possibly the most delightful and amusing part of the song, Bieber then begins to rap. He reflects back on the times that he and the girl have had together — including possible car sex, I don't know, my mind might still be in the gutter — but through the good times and the bad times, Bieber has realized that this relationship is it for him.

Holding you close to my heart Yeah, so I'm laid back in the Maybach Damn these seats go way back I was thinking about way back When we used to say that I was yours, you were mine And we fought to pass the time And I realized, I realized, that weNo matter what Yeah

Have you melted yet? Because I kind of have. The song has a wonderful sound, and the lyrics tell such a cute story, that I'm sure to have it on repeat for the rest of the day. And I doubt that I'm alone in that. Check it out below.