Has Jodi Stachowski Spoken To Steven Avery Recently? The 'Making A Murderer' Suspects Are Back In The Spotlight

Days after her headline-grabbing interview on Nancy Grace's show, the ex-fiancee of Making a Murder's Steven Avery made one more disturbing allegation. TMZ reported Monday that Jodi Stachowski claims that Avery tied her to a bed once to have sex. This is notable because Avery was convicted of murder based on a confession from his nephew, Brendan Dassey, who claimed that Avery had tied Teresa Halbach to a bed prior to her murder. (Avery has always maintained his innocence.) Figuring out when Avery and Stachowski last spoke could explain the distinction between Stachowski's supportive appearance in Making a Murderer and her present-day claims.

Stachowski told Nancy Grace's producers that her appearance in the documentary was all an act organized by Avery, who she said told her to smile and act happy — or else. She gave TMZ a letter which she alleges he sent her from prison in August 2015. It includes threats that he will make against her character unless she sends him money. The letter could not be verified as Avery's, and he has not been able to address any of Stachowski's new allegations so far.

Besides the alleged letter, it's unclear when the two would have spoken last, or how. The couple split in 2007. He's been engaged once since then. His most recent fiancee, Sandy Greenman, told Dr. Phil that their engagement is over, but that she maintains that he is innocent. According to a Facebook post, she went to visit Avery on Jan. 4. She told the Daily Mail that very few people visit him in prison.

Stachowski claimed on Nancy Grace's show that she ate poison to try to get to the hospital and escape Avery. She also detailed his alleged violence toward her. Avery's lawyers declined to comment on behalf of their client.

He choked me one night. Well, actually, he started hitting me, so I called the police. So he choked me and was dragging me out the door so we could leave before the police got there and we were driving down the road. The police that were on the way pulled over and they took me out of the car and asked me what was going on. They arrested him and ordered him to stay away from me for three days.

Avery was found guilty of Halbach's 2005 murder. New representation by Kathleen Zellner, combined with the attention from the Netflix series, have raised the possibility that he could face a new trial.

Image: HLN