A Style Tip To Steal From Every Decade

My personal style is a mish mash of all the decades between the '50s and today. I love garish '80s sweaters. I adore '90s blow-up backpacks. And I am totally smitten with the halter-neck dresses of the '50s. Stealing style tips from different decades isn't just about fun, though. It can really help pull a look together. By giving a throwback to a long-gone era, your fashion game will seem not just interesting, but educated and worldly.

After all, fashion is cyclical. If you already know your way around some of the trends from past eras, then you're a step ahead when that era comes back in vogue. Equipped with the knowledge of how to style a wide leg trouser or what clothes to pair with a corduroy skirt, you'll have invaluable sartorial prowess.

Of course, style is totally personal, so what works for you may not work for someone else. You might have a really odd obsession with inflatable backpacks while your friend can only see their impracticality. You might not ever understand double denim while your sister could be totally wild about it. We all find what works for us fashion-wise, and the same can be true when borrowing from other decades. Especially when the styles from those decades are just as varied as ours are today.

So here's a style tip to steal from every decade since the '50s. Don't be afraid to make it your own.

1. 1950s: Diamonds Are Forever

Marilyn Monroe wasn't lying when she sung, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" Diamonds are timeless, beautiful, and definitely worth the investment. Or, you know, just get some fake diamond rings from your favorite fast fashion store and create the glamour kitten look on a budget.

2. 1960s: Big Sunglasses FTW

Big sunglasses always look good. They look good in the spring with a light fur coat. They look good in the depths of summer with a floral swing dress. They look good if you're hella hungover. And they look especially good if you're Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's.

3. 1970s: You Can Never Have Enough Glittery Jumpsuits


OK, this one's a little bit more niche, but I totally stand by it. You just can't own enough glittery jumpsuits, or even jumpsuits in general. I've never seen a person look bad in a glittery one-piece.

4. 1980s: Big Hair Will See You Through All The Days

Whether you're wearing it casually, while dancing, or when having dinner in a sexy tux á la Flashdance, the '80s taught us that the bigger the hair, the better. Don't shy away from this trend. Volume is calling your name. (Just maybe don't go for the permed mullet look just yet.)

5. 1990s: Bright Outfits Make Happy Outfits

Why not loosen up and have a bit of fun with your look? You might be a patron saint for the black on black looks our generation loves, but knowing how to rock a bright color is a fashion necessity.

6. 2000s: Body Glitter Is The Ultimate Beauty Product

Because seriously, glitter you can cover your entire body in should never go out of style.

7. 2010s: Don't Fear Sexy Glamour

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

These past five or six years have witnessed non-stop sleek, sexy glamour, and I love everything about it. Being able to pull off the glamorous look will benefit you in numerous ways, like during your Oscar acceptance speech in the bathroom mirror.

These are style hacks that I've personally borrowed from each decade to great success; and TBH, I think anyone could benefit from taking advantage of them.

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