11 Signs You're A Narcissist

by Megan Grant

We all possess narcissist characteristics to an extent, but these things don't necessarily define who we are as human beings. However, there are a number of signs you're a narcissist that you can use to help figure out if you (or anyone else in your life, for that matter) might have a serious problem. It goes beyond thinking highly of yourself or enjoying talking about yourself; Narcissistic Personality Disorder can cause damage to your relationships and limit your ability to function in school or at work. NPD is believed to affect around 6.2 percent of the population.

Being slightly narcissistic is completely different from being a narcissist, though; indeed, NPD can seriously impinge your growth and development as a human being. If you're worried you might be a legitimate narcissist, then it might be time to reevaluate your attitudes, behaviors, and actions. Maintaining friendships with narcissists — or any kind of relationship, really — is a daunting task that can be emotionally hurtful. You can create healthier bonds with the people around you by looking at the following 11 characteristics and understanding whether they apply to you or not. This can be the first step in determining whether or not you're a narcissist and getting to the root cause of the problem.

1. You Can't Commit To A Serious Relationship

In relationships, for example, a narcissist might keep a partner around to satisfy their more immediate needs for romance and intimacy — but at arm's length, because they always "know" they can do better.

2. You Think Everyone Else Is Stupid

The other drivers on the road, everyone else in the office, the people shopping in your grocery store — all of them are brainless idiots. The narcissist is the only one who really knows what's going on, and as a result...

3. You Find Justification For Being Mean To People

After all, they deserved it. A narcissist, always the expert at pointing out flaws (real or imaginary), will find a reason to insult, degrade, or talk down to other people, with no remorse.

4. You Feed Off Of Instant Gratification

Narcissists expect immediate rewards. They don't just want to get their way; they want to get their way right now. They don't take kindly to being kept waiting.

5. You Have An Exaggerated Sense Of Entitlement

Narcissists believe that everyone should cater to them, without having to do anything in return. They commonly feel that everyone owes them something, and they find ways to rationalize talking down to people who are (to them) less deserving.

6. You're Terrible At Losing

When things don't end your way, you manage to blame everyone else without ever holding yourself accountable. Even when you win, you tarnish it with bragging and criticizing your competitor.

7. You're Not Listening — You're Waiting For Your Turn To Talk Again

Having a conversation with someone hardly means you're interested in what they have to say. Instead, you're waiting anxiously for them to finish so that you can start talking again; or in some cases, you won't wait at all and will talk right over them. On a similar note...

8. You Dominate The Conversation

Aside from frequently monopolizing the conversation, a narcissist will speak in a louder voice, use exaggerated hand gestures, and laugh loudly in an attempt to get all eyes on them.

9. You Manipulate People To Get What You Want

This is especially common in romantic relationships, where a narcissistic person will use some form of intimacy to take advantage of their unaware partner.

10. You Break The Rules, And You Love It

Pushing the boundaries and getting away with it gives a narcissist a bit of a thrill. It means they're special and possess qualities others don't.

11. You Feel Like No One Ever Appreciates You Enough

For a narcissist, it's often them against the world. No one ever truly appreciates everything they offer, and they think they deserve much more recognition for their efforts.

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