If Leonardo DiCaprio Is Snubbed For The Oscar, Here's Why It's Gonna Be OK

Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor, but just being talented hasn't been enough to get him an Academy Award. So far the star, largely considered one of the best working actors today, has never won an Oscar. In fact, he's only been nominated four times for acting prior to 2016. Every year DiCaprio isn't nominated is another year a great performance is unrecognized. And every year that passes without DiCaprio winning an Oscar becomes another year he was snubbed, robbed or shut out by the Academy. But now, in 2016, and with his fifth nomination for The Revenant, it looks like DiCaprio's Oscar snubs might be over. A win for him feels long overdue, but is it really necessary? I might get killed for saying this, but I believe that it will be OK if DiCaprio doesn't win an Oscar for The Revenant .

The actor's lack of an Oscar has become almost mythical in Hollywood pop culture, so much so that it feels like he's been nominated for every movie he's ever acted in. If I told you that DiCaprio should have won the Oscar for Best Lead Actor for Inception (2010), for example, you'd probably agree with me without realizing that he wasn't even nominated. What about Best Supporting actor for Django Unchained, or Best Actor in The Departed? Nope, no nominations there either. This is all to say that, while DiCaprio might deserve an Oscar, he hasn't lost all that many either. Snubbed for nominations? Hell yes. But robbed a win? Eh, that's debatable. With that in mind, here's why I believe that it will be OK if DiCaprio doesn't win on Oscar night.

This Is His Fifth Nomination


As harsh as it sounds, before going on about how now is the time DiCaprio needs to win an Oscar, consider the fact is that the actor has only been nominated for four Academy Awards for acting (not counting his 2016 nomination). In the history of Oscar snubs, four loses is really not all that bad. Glenn Close, Amy Adams and Peter O'Toole have all been nominated more times without ever earning a win, yet their repeated snubs don't illicit the same kind of uproar. The DiCaprio Oscar snub is legend, but the Adams Oscar snub is party trivia at best. If he doesn't win this year, DiCaprio will still have five nominations under his belt, which, yes, is a lot, but not as insane a number as the hype might have you believe.

Michael Fassbender Would Also Deserve A Win


In the running for this year's Best Actor Oscar are Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), Matt Damon (The Martian), Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs) and Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl). In my opinion, the only person that has a shot at winning the Oscar other than DiCaprio is Michael Fassbender. His profile with the Academy has risen significantly in the last couple of years, and many thought he was snubbed when he wasn't nominated for his work in Shame (2011). Fassbender gave an excellent performance in Steve Jobs, so I could certainly see him winning with some kind of last minute surge if the rest of the Academy is torn between Damon, DiCaprio and Redmayne. Losing to Cranston would be ridiculous (Trumbo received no other nominations, nor did it deserve to), but losing the Oscar to Fassbender wouldn't be so bad. Don't worry, DiCaprio fans, a Fassbender win for Best Actor is still extremely unlikely.

He'll Still Give Us Amazing Work


DiCaprio has been delivering stunning performances for over 20 years without having won an Oscar. There's no sign that he plans on stopping any time soon. In fact, DiCaprio's lack of an Oscar could continue to push him to take on more challenging projects and different roles. As much as he deserves an Academy Award, he doesn't need one. At least, I hope not.

The Oscars Are Flawed


Yes, the Oscars are important in Hollywood, especially when it comes to studios and the funding of future projects. But, the awards are also incredibly insignificant when you look at it from the point of view of your average movie viewer. The Academy doesn't represent viewers, and the voting system for the Oscars is admittedly flawed — hence the #OscarsSoWhite campaign. Understanding that the system isn't perfect makes the sting of a DiCaprio loss seem a little less painful.

He Will Win An Oscar


I don't know when, and I don't know how, but even if Leo DiCaprio loses come Oscar night, there will be a day when he will win. If, for some reason, that day doesn't come, then the actor will undoubtedly receive an honorary Oscar later in his career for all of his amazing work. He'll get that golden statue one way or another, mark my words.

He Probably Doesn't Care That Much


Let's be real for a second. Yes, it's funny to think of this big movie star being destroyed by his lack of an Oscar, but, really, what are the odds DiCaprio really cares all that much? He's still respected by audiences and by his peers. He still has an incredible amount of clout in Hollywood, and his films have already proven themselves to be crucial parts of film history. I seriously doubt he goes to bed at night crying about the empty spot on his over-crowded trophy shelf.

He's Leo Freakin' DiCaprio


Whatever happens on Oscar night, he'll still wake up int he morning and be Leonardo DiCaprio. If that isn't better than an Oscar, I don't know what is.

The fact is, he will probably win an Oscar this year, but the world will keep turning even if he doesn't. This is Hollywood, people.

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