13 Things From Jessica Simpson's "A Little Bit" Music Video You Won't Believe You Forgot About

When was the last time you fired up the exquisite music video for Jessica Simpson record "A Little Bit"? If your answer is "It was definitely more than 'A Little Bit' ago," first of all, I would like to applaud that A+ pun. And secondly, I would like to recommend that you revisit the clip at your earliest convenience. Directed by living legend Hype Williams, the 2001 vid is bound to log roll its way into your ticker before you can say "A little more heart, a little less break."

OK, if I had to sum up the music video for the second single off of Irresistible in just one sentence, that sentence would be this: I'm not not sure that the 2006 vid for “A Public Affair” didn't travel back to 2001, hook up with the “Irresistible" vid, and give birth to the "A Little Bit" vid. (You can’t tell me that knit rainbow halter top and tube sock outfit would not be right at home on the “A Public Affair” roller rink.) In other words, this particular short film is very much my jam.

Here are just a handful of the very important things that happen in the "A Little Bit" music video:

1. The Non-Futuristic Outfits & The Futuristic Setting

Why the do the humans look so 2000-and-great, whereas the spaceship looks very Y3K? Here's my interpretation of the vid: In 2001, a group of friends fall into a wormhole, learn some dance moves as they travel through time, and wind up on a spaceship in The Future. The first item on their docket? No, it's not to figure out a way to get back to ’01. It is to show off the wormhole choreography, duh.

2. Jessica Strikes Some Poses While Standing On A Wall

So casual, so effortless.

3. Everything Happening With Jessica’s Outfit

Every time I look at this ensemble, I notice something new. For example, I only just realized that her shirt ties up on the right sideandon the left sleeve.

4. Especially The Earrings Hanging From Jessica’s Fingernails

A pierced fingernail is a timeless look. I hope it never dies.

5. Jessica’s No Nonsense Pigtails

Those ponytails give a real to-hairde force performance.

6. This Dance Move

*Sticks dance move in pocket.* Can't wait to bust this out at the next wedding I attend!

7. Jessica's Shrug Emoticon Move

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

8. The Log Roll Just Doing Its Log Roll Thing

The log roll is a criminally underrated dance move. Love that this video gave it some time to shine.

9. This Outfit

Could you give a me a moment? Er, 75 moments? I need some time to bask in this getup's glory.

11. The Pins! The Sunglasses!


12. The Fluorescent Bulb Swords

Are they going to sword fight with the bulbs? That's a disaster waiting to happen. Think of the bulb shards! I hope everyone's wearing closed-toe shoes.

13. …False Alarm. No Bulb Fights. Just Some Flawless Fluorescent Bulb Choreo.

*Dabs brow with fluorescent bulb.*

*Log rolls into the sunset.*

Images: jessicasimpsonVEVO/YouTube (13); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (13)