Jason Wilkes Is Peggy's New Love Interest On 'Agent Carter' & Her Situation With Sousa Got Way More Complicated

Last year, Agent Carter tried unsuccessfully to make me think Daniel Sousa is unattractive, and now that Season 2 has begun, I don't know what to think. Tuesday's premiere was an emotional roller coaster. Peggy has a new love interest on Agent Carter, Jason Wilkes, a funny scientist in an interesting position.

They met while Peggy was investigating a case. Dr. Wilkes works for Isodyne Energy, a nefarious organization that's running some pretty suspect experiments. However, Jason ended up helping the SSR out and grew closer to Peggy in the process. They went dancing. She kissed him, and threw out a perfectly good eclair in his defense. 'Shippers, start your engines!

That said, the Season 2 premiere started with all hands on deck for Peggy and Daniel Sousa to get together. They seemed anxious to see one another in California. Their teamwork was on point. Peggy even asked him out to drinks, in a repeat of their scene in the Season 1 finale (I told y'all she wasn't rejecting him I knew it). However, Sousa has a serious girlfriend that he may or may not be proposing to. He also still clearly has feelings for our Agent, as well. When Jarvis relayed Peggy's distress call to the SSR in the second episode, Sousa got mad, like Kylo Ren smashing a computer with a lightsaber mad. It doesn't help that the SSR's receptionist is their Number 1 Fan, either.

Honestly, Peggy is so cool that I would be fine either way, as long as she's happy. I'm theoretically more loyal to Sousa because he's been around longer, but Jason is fun and I have an unfortunate hunch that jealously isn't going to be a good look on Daniel. We can't all be as #RelationshipGoals as Ana and Edwin Jarvis, you know? I know we're all waiting for one of these men to reveal that Captain America saved their life (because that's all we know about Peggy's husband after her scene in The Winter Soldier) but until that happens, I say we just enjoy whatever happens on Agent Carter along with Peggy herself.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC