Demi Lovato Is Once Again Body Posi In A Selfie

Posting weekly No Makeup Monday and Fresh Faced Friday selfies are not the sole ways to show body positivity. Singer Demi Lovato's latest selfie is body positive for a very important reason and it has nothing to do with showing off a bare face or presenting herself "as is" from the neck up. Instead, Lovato shared a behind-the-scenes bikini x undies selfie from her Allure cover shoot sans Photoshop or a filter. Lovato admitted the lighting in the bathroom was great — and it was. But she did state that she was proud of her body, loves the way it naturally is, and is confident in her skin.

Amen, sister!

Of course, Lovato, who often inspires fans thanks to things she says, looked stunning with her deep, dark red lips and her high-waisted, black granny panties and a square bra. Her undies were super retro but so sexy. Yes, Lovato is in fantastic shape.

But so many celebs and models edit the crap out of their photos, including Insta selfies, to make themselves appear flawless. Lovato merely took advantage of insanely good lighting and didn't even try to give herself a thigh gap or or reshape her abdomen or airbrush her skin or mimic unobtainable beauty standards.

Lovato is proud of her curves and loves showing them off! Her comments should totally inspire her Lovatics and supporters to do the same. Her message is important. Accept yourself as you are and remember that you are beautiful!

The fact that someone like Lovato, who has the available amenities to edit her photos into unrecognizability, doesn't waste her time doing so is impactful and empowering.

Lovato's latest #NoMakeupMonday post was also beyond awesome, since she was super stylish with her beanie and her nerdy specs. She didn't need to add makeup to this ensemble and she was still mega cool. Gotta love that!

Last week's #FFF post put her freckles on full display.

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Images: Demi Lovato/Instagram (3); Courtesy of ASOS (2)